Sewing little creatures and a walk around Glasgow Green

I’ve been busy putting the finishing touches to a few wee presents I’ve been making various people. Apart from crocheted lap blankets – which are super cosy for telly watching – I’ve also been making this…

Here's one I made for a friend's daughter from Rebecca Danger's Knitted Monsters books...I love him!

Here’s one I made for a friend’s daughter from Rebecca Danger’s Knitted Monsters books…I love him!

…and these…

These are from A Monster to Love on Craftsy. These are for my kids, but I mean to make one and send one to the charity as a thanks.

These are from A Monster to Love on Craftsy. These are for my kids, but I mean to make one and send one to the charity as a thanks.

And here’s a wee walk around Glasgow Green the other day. Was a really mild and pleasant winter’s day…didn’t even need gloves, which isn’t normal for this time of year here!

People's Palace and Winter Gardens

People’s Palace and Winter Gardens



Above – the Templeton carpet factory (as was) which was modelled along the lines of the Doges Palace.

Right, am really hungry, so am going to end this short blog here. Til next time.

Dawn xxx

A walk around the lovely Glasgow Green


My colleague and I took a walk around Glasgow Green yesterday and what a fantastic day it was. The sun was shining, there was a warm breeze and the park was lovely. What a difference today! It’s pouring outside.

Above is a picture of the inside of this little water fountain which is near the park…


Here are a few more images from yesterday…








I am watching The White Queen as I write this and I’m not sure about it. It’s the second of the series and I suppose I’m still trying to catch up. I’ll reserve judgement. What the series does show is how badly women were treated in those days…they were just pawns to be married off to the most suitable man.

What else? Well, this week I have been continuing to edit Ham and should finish it soon. Hopefully I’ll also be able to launch Dusting Down Alcudia within the next week or so.

I’ve also finished reading Outlander and again it was fab. I need to buy the others in the series to find out what happens to Claire and Jamie. It’s such a good book!!!!

There’s not much else been going on save for domestic things, so I’ll say adieu just now.
Til next time!

Dawn xxxxx

Glasgow in the sunshine

Templeton Carpet Factory, Glasgow Green by James Morrison

It’s amazing what a little bit of sunshine does to the residents of Glasgow. Myself and a colleague went for a walk at lunchtime around Glasgow Green (pic above is the old Templeton Carpet Factory which looks on to the Green – it’s based on the Doge’s Palace in Venice and is quite lovely) and the park was full of people enjoying the sunny weather. It was even a little warm despite the very cold start to the day (frost on everything). It was a lovely morning anyway…for the first time in weeks it was actually starting to get light when we left the house  and the birds were singing their little hearts out. Made me feel all spring-like…well until I had to scrape the car!

Anyway, I’ve not blogged much over the last couple of weeks because it’s been really busy Chez Nelson. I had a weekend of Mindfulness followed by an extremely busy week of work and people dropping in to see us. My stepson turned 21 last week – can’t believe he’s that old already, I’ve known him since he was seven – and my girl turned eight. We went out, had lunch to celebrate my stepson’s birthday. Next day we took our two, my neice and three of the girl’s friends to the pictures to see Wreck it Ralph (which is great – who wouldn’t want to explore Sugar Rush world?), followed by pizza at Frankie & Benny’s. We went for the early showing (10am) and didn’t get home til the back of 2. I was exhausted, but my girl had a good day and that’s what mattered.

Doulton_Fountain_-_Glasgow_Green by Michael Gallacher

Pictured: Doulton Fountain with the People’s Palace behind (at Glasgow Green)

Because of all the things going on last week I’ve not had any time to do anything…except continue reading my latest book. I noticed that the last book I spoke about was To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf. I thought I liked it at the beginning, but as the story dragged on I found there wasn’t really much of a tale to enjoy. The book only seemed to be about time – ie the passage of: slow and languid at first and then zipping ahead – and loss, and the characters’ desire to get to the lighthouse. Am not sure what the lighthouse signifies – death? An ending? Nothing much else seemed to happen and I must admit I got bored towards the end. I doubt I’ll read it again despite it being so nicely written. My current book is different. Am loving Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens. At least there’s a good storyline and there’s a good pace to the story. I don’t feel like I’m jumping all over the place to different viewpoints, although the book has many narrators. Next book in the queue is The Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, which I read a number of years ago and really enjoyed. Although, I need to ask the question – why do Scots in books always have to have red hair? It’s such a cliche. Not that there’s anything wrong with red hair, but there are more folk here with brown, blond or black (and sometimes other colours) than red. In my mind, Jamie Fraser is more dark-haired and brooding. More Mr Darcy in a kilt. Mmmm. Ahem…anyway, must go. It’s getting late, the kids need to be put to bed and I fancy another cup of tea (am such a Tea Jenny!).

Til next time!

Dawn x