Hedgehogs, flowers and quiet times

Crowned Crane

Hello! How’s things? What’s been happening? Life has been trundling along nicely…can’t believe another week has passed so quickly! I have started my making for Christmas. I like to make the kids and some family members and friends little gifts for Christmas. I love doing it and I hope they like receiving them. Last year I made nearly everyone lap blankets for cosying up under during the winter. I also made some toys for the kids. This year, I have a few wee things in mind to make, but I’m keeping it under my hat and I’ll share with you at another time.

oct 16  flower 2

In case you’re wondering, the photos for this week’s blog have absolutely nothing to do with what I’m writing about. I just like them. They are pretty or cute or cheerful.

DCF 1.0

I love hedgehogs. We have a hedgehog who visits our garden. I haven’t seen her or him for a while, but he or she enjoyed the Guinea Pig nuggets that were left on the grass after the outdoor pen had been put away.

oct 16  rose

I’m sorry I don’t have a lot to tell this week. The kids have been off for the October holidays, but I’ve been working so I’ve not managed to get anywhere interesting of late. To be truthful, I’ve just wanted a quiet life lately. Sometimes it’s nice to have nothing planned.

oct 16  flower

Of course, the days when I’m not at work it has to rain. It’s been dry all week and sunny and lovely, but today – the day when I’m not working – I woke up to rain. It’s stopped now, so hopefully it’ll stay off. We have a friend’s daughter here this morning and I was hoping to take them out for a walk or something this morning. We’ll see how it goes.

Anyway, I’m going to go. I have the house to clean and some night’s out with friends to organise for November and December (I might like the quiet life, but I like to go out too!).

Til next time!

Dawn xxx



Ballet, Bunnies and Breaking Bad


The view near Rhu

The view near Rhu

Hello, how are you? What’s been happening? Well this week it’s been back to school for the kids and lots of celebrating for mum!! The kids went back midweek and for the first time in weeks I went home, switched on the telly and was able to hear a programme from start to finish. There was no one to interrupt, ask for stuff or generally make a lot of noise. It was bliss! Don’t get me wrong, I missed them, but it was good to get a bit of quiet in the house.

News from chez Nelson…the girl started ballet lessons today and loved it. She was twirling and skipping and plié-ing with the rest of them, a big smile on her face. Other headline news: our next door neighbour’s cat went missing, but now has been found. I amnot a major cat lover, but I have to say I do like young Maddie who is a little girl cat and is very cute. I was glad they got her back. And we say goodbye to two lady Guinea Pigs and two rabbits tomorrow when my friend comes to collect them. We’ve been looking after them whilst my friend and her family are on holiday and it’s been a hoot. One of the rabbits  – the very cute Albert – is a real character and kept us all chuckling. He’s a very affectionate animal and is always looking for a head rub or a bit of attention. We shall miss then, but I shan’t miss all the mess they brought with them. It’s perfect timing actually because the weather has been getting worse over the last week or so and I’m thinking of moving our Guineas from their external hutch to their indoor cage (which is currently in the greenhouse). I wanted to wait until September when it starts getting colder at night, but it’s been so wet recently that I may bring them in earlier.

Anyway, we’ve not been doing a lot except for getting ready for going back to school and work. I’ve started working on another children’s book – well it’s the one I was working on before, but still haven’t finished. I’ve also been knitting a wrap for myself, which is unusual because I don’t often knit for myself. I’ve been glued to Netflix watching White Collar (am addicted to this programme) and Breaking Bad. Was watching the latter this morning. We’re on series three and oh my goodness it’s great!!

In case you’re wondering what the pic is about at the beginning of this blog, it’s a view from Kidston Park in Helensburgh. Took the kids there last week for a walk along Helensburgh front and then lunch at the great wee café (I forget its name) at Kidston Park. I took the pic of all the lovely boats that are moored nearby at Rhu harbour. It was one of those days which was really sunny to begin with but soon descended into a rain and wind. We managed to get home before it got really bad.

Anyway, I must go. Breaking Bad is calling…Hank’s just been shot! I need to find out what’s happened.

Til next time.

Dawn xxx

Darling Buds, a gumsy smile and the pigs enjoying their new ‘sty’

darling buds of mayDon’t you just love it? The Darling Buds of May was one of my favourite tv programmes back in the day and I don’t know why, but a few weeks ago I was suddenly reminded of the series. I think there may have been a few episodes running on one of the Sky channels. Anyway, I ordered the box set, saw the book and ordered that too. The books by H E Bates are just lovely and gentle and funny. The tv series is just as good as I remember it. Ah…perfick!

Anyway, how have you been? I’ve been basically watching an empty house all week as my kids have enjoyed the good weather and been out playing all week. They are both as brown as wee berries. Very healthy. I took them to see the second How to Train Your Dragon film, which I enjoyed but it was disturbed by the boy wanting to go home halfway through…he was bored. This week they are attending summer club round at the church hall…plenty of making a mess and having fun!

Talking of the boy, momentous news this week…one of his top front teeth came out and he’s walking about all gumsy and cute!

This week we also bought the guinea pigs a new outdoor hutch. They’ve grown too big for their normal cage and I wanted to give them more space to roam about…which is a laugh because if you’ve ever owned guinea pigs you’ll know you can buy them the biggest cage in the world and they’ll still sit in one position growing fat. They are not exactly the type to exert themselves. The new hutch is two tier and it’s been funny watching them trying to get up and down the ramp. We had to alter the ramp so that it was less steep…neither Darcy nor Sam could haul their little fat bodies up the ramp as it was. It was all ‘scrabble scrabble scrabble, give up, slide back down with a disgruntled look on one’s face’!! Hee hee. They can do it now thanks to the ingenuity of hubby who sorted the ramp for them.

Anyway, enough of the pig tales! I must love you and leave you now. Til next time!

Dawn xxx

Starry, starry night and do Guinea Pigs sleep with their eyes closed?

stars 1

Oh the Northern Lights have been making an appearance across Scotland yesterday and today. I missed yesterday, but me and the girl were out looking for them tonight. We didn’t see them, but we did get a fantastic view of the starry night. It was amazing. It’s a clear night, so you can see hundreds of stars. Orion really stands out. Fantastic! We loved it. If it hadn’t been so cold, we would have stayed out longer. Fantastic!! Can’t stop saying that.


Have made the imagery theme the Universe today. I like sci-fi so sci-fi-y type pics are right up my street. (pauses for a moment)

Anyway, you may be wondering what on Earth I was talking about regarding Guinea Pigs sleeping with their eyes closed? Well, it’s like this. You would think they would, right? But, despite having Guinea Pigs in our lives for the last three years, it’s only recently that I’ve actually seen them close their eyes when they sleep. Honestly, I could go up to their cage and peer in and both of them would have their eyes wide open, but be so still they look as if they’d died. There was not a flinch! It was weird, which made me wonder if they didn’t have eyelids. However, on Wednesday, as I was working at my laptop, I spotted them both asleep WITH THEIR EYES CLOSED. So that proves it to me. And also proves that sometimes I’ve not got enough going on in my life! Hee hee. I wonder what they were doing ‘sleeping’ with their eyes open…for that is what it appeared they were doing? Thinking DEEP THOUGHTS? The meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything? Answer = 42 (of course! Can’t be a sci-fi fan and not know that). Creating sweet Guinea Pig poetry in their heads? Doing quantum physics? Who knows? It certainly takes them several minutes to realise I am there…daft wee things that they are!


Anyway, how’s things with you? What’s been happening in your world? Hope it’s been a good week for you. Been a bit of a mixed bag for me, but today I met a couple of friends for lunch to celebrate Tracy’s birthday. Happy Birthday Tracy!! Was a good lunch. We had a laugh, ate nice food and generally had a lovely time. Need to do that more often!

Getting very excited about April 7 – series 4 of Game of Thrones is back on the box. Can’t wait!! I just LOVE that programme! Have also been watching The Great British Sewing Bee again. Excellent programme and absolutely compelling viewing. Am loving it again!! Roll on Tuesday!

Currently reading The Fellowship of the Ring, which is shocking really. I should have read it by now. I love fantasy, so it’s taken me a number of years to get round to this book. Most people I know read it as a child. I didn’t. Anyway, am reading it (and the other two books) now and loving it. Also currently reading Jack Monroe’s new cookery book. It’s a really nice book and I’m looking forward to trying out a number of recipes. Well done Jack!!

Right, am writing this at 8.45 pm on a Friday night. Got some Aurora Borealis to see before bed.
Til next time!

Dawn xxx

Trying to muster up the energy and inclination…

…to write today. It’s incredibly hot already and my face is streaming thanks to particularly bad hay fever today. Hmmmm…write or lounge on sofa watching telly??? Hmmmm.

So, how are you all today? Looking forward to another fabby sunny day in the UK? I love the sun, I really do, but I can’t stand the heat. If it’s too hot, I’m inside. Am defo a northerner. I prefer cool to hot and the thought of sunbathing is abhorrent. Anyway, it’s hot today, it’s a beautiful day in fact, and I should just be enjoying it instead of moaning about the heat. Our poor guinea pigs are finding it a bit hard. I’ve got them outside at the moment enjoying some shade within an exercise pen we have for them. Poor old Darcy is long-haired and I think he’s finding the heat particularly hard. I could offer to dunk them in some cold water, but the way they give me stinkers of looks after a bath suggests that might not be such a good idea. Our ‘Ginns’ do not like water.

It’s peaceful in the house just now. My children are at a summer club run by our local church. They’ve been going every morning this week and been loving it. I’ve been loving it cos it’s given me some much needed peace and quiet and time to myself. The minute they are back, however, they revert to fighting and calling each other names. Ah siblings!!

Right, I am procrastinating. If I ever want to get Ham published I need to get it ready, so I will leave you just now to go and concentrate on my new book.

Til next time.

Dawn xxx

No gluing, peace and quiet, St Andrew’s and Sam


There’s not been much crafting going on here lately. Been too busy being a mum, wife, worker, laundress, taxi driver, chef and all the other jobs I have to do. Not that I’m complaining. It keeps me busy, but I would like a little bit more time to stick stuff and paint stuff and knit stuff and sew stuff. Maybe me and the kids will do it at the weekend.

Last Sunday – Mother’s Day – my kids made me breakfast in bed (well, their dad made it). The girl made me four cards, the boy one and I also got a commercially made card from them each. My mother’s day pressies included a mini greenhouse (which I’m going to start using once the icy weather clears), a DVD and some Lindor chocs, which are my favourite. I had a lovely day. The kids were very excited about everything, especially as a friend of ours who has two children the same age invited them round in the afternoon for a play. They were away for three hours and it was blissfully quiet here. Hubby and I didn’t know what to do with ourselves! We could watch the telly without someone dancing in front of it or declaring loudly that they required a drink. We could sit and talk without someone butting in with their opinion on the matter. And we had a lovely time just being without having to run after our two.

We missed them though and were glad to get them back!


There’s not much to report chez moi. The weather has been a bit hit and miss lately. Last weekend we had snow blizzards, this week it’s been a mixed bag of sunny weather (yay!) and overcast skies (booh!). Sunny weather always cheers me up, so I love it.

St Andrew's in the Square
Was at a really beautiful place for work the other day. St Andrew’s in the Square is an old church in the centre of St Andrew’s Square in Glasgow. It’s no longer used for worship, but has a cafe downstairs (Cafe Source) in the basement and the upper part (where folk used to worship) is a venue for events. The church/events part is really beautiful and if you ever get the chance to go to it, go and have a look and be prepared to be wowed. It’s lovely.

Sam (2)

Above – couldn’t help but take this photo of Sam, he’s so nosey. What a stare he has! He’s daring me to put my hand in his cage and get him. Of the two, Sam is the quickest and hardest to catch. I put this down to the fact that Darcy is fat and lazy and a bit more laid back. They are both lovely creatures though and very docile.

Anyway, enough of me wittering on about our pets. I have things to do, so I will sign off now. Til next time.

Dawn xx

PS Am still reading Little Dorrit…I am close to the end. It doesn’t usually take me this long to read a book, but LD is a long book and I’ve often been too tired to read it at night. I’m still enjoying it. I love Dickens’ books. He’s one of my writing heroes.