Too much pie, too much parking, not enough Fifty Shades!

The boy went into school full time this week and it was great. I had two whole days to myself, almost. In fact what actually happened is I spent an afternoon of one of them with my parents eating cake and most of the other day with my hubby on a date day cos it was his birthday. We went to the Ashoka westend and ate way too much curry. It didn’t help that I had eaten a slice of Caramel Apple Granny pie earlier. Plus I also made breakfast bread from the Hairy Bikers’ Big Book of Baking (if you watched the series, it was the bread the lady made at the monestary) which is REALLY filling…one plaited bun is too much for one person. I just about managed to eat one that day. It was delicious, but next time I make them (and I defo will make them cos they are so good), I’m making twelve buns instead of six like the recipe stated. NB We had a lovely day out together, but kept marvelling how quiet it was and relaxing without the offspring. We’re planning another soon!

Yesterday I met with my friends Janice and Tricia at Esca 2, which is a little restaurant in the Trongate area of Glasgow. In fact, it’s just across the road from the Tron Theatre. It was good to catch up. I haven’t seen Tricia for some months and although Janice and I work together (it was she who leant me the excellent Fifty Shades trilogy), I hardly see her cos we are both so busy. We had a lovely lunch and a good old blether. The only downer was how much it cost me to park there…I must have spent more than £7. Que sera sera.

Talking of the Fifty Shades trilogy…finished the third book last week and (saddo that I am) I’m quite missing it. I really enjoyed them. They were a good read (naughty bits aside!!). Am currently reading The Family Fang – sorry can’t remember the author – which is supposed to be hilarious. So far, I’ve managed a little smile at it. I’ll keep reading and let you know how it pans out.

Til next time.

Dawn xx

Cola and laptops don’t mix

It’s been a little while since I last blogged and I don’t really have an excuse for it. I suppose I was taking an unofficial break and also perfecting (finally) bread making! I did go to blog yesterday, but was prevented from doing so thanks to my boy… on Thursday he was playing CBeebies on my laptop whilst drinking a small glass of coke (I’d given it to him as a major treat – I don’t like them drinking too many fizzy drinks). Anyway, he accidentally tipped about half the glass on to my laptop. I was in the other room and was alerted by his cries. I rushed in, mopped up the mess and shut the laptop down hoping it would start up again once it had dried overnight…it didn’t. Despite punching the on button several times, taking out the battery, giving it a shake etc etc, my poor old laptop was dead. I spent yesterday ranging between being angry at him, lamenting the loss of my computer and worrying about how much it would cost to fix (if it could be fixed).

Then a thought struck me…I wondered if I could fix it myself.

So with the  help of my android phone, I looked on the internet, found what I was looking for and before I knew it I had the keyboard off and was giving it a wee clean. Normally I would be too afraid of damaging stuff to do something like that, but I was missing the laptop, missing being on the internet and I thought ‘what the hell’. I put it all back together and with a drumming heart, pressed the on switch.

The laptop burst into life and I felt extremely pleased with myself (and sighed a huge sigh of relief!!!). Anyway, it’s working now…thank goodness!

So going back to bread making. I’ve been making the rustic Spanish loaf from the Hairy Biker’s latest baking book and it’s been working. I tried it first by kneading the dough in my food processor and got great results. Then I tried it by hand….and I actually made something edible!! Here’s the proof…

I’ve also been working on my two small quilts I made the kids. They are a bit wonky, but the kids like then and that’s all that matters. They’ve been wrapping themselves in them at night and snuggling down to sleep.

Dawn xxxx


PS had to resend this blog again because I’d forgotten to give it a title and for some reason the bread image didn’t show…oooops!