Seeing Our Dynamic Earth and Rescuing Prickles

The side of the Scottish Parliament has some very interesting things on it.

The side of the Scottish Parliament has some very interesting things on it.

Sorry I’ve been away from the blog over the past week. It’s been a pretty busy week.

Let’s talk about last week. Me, hubby and the weans went to Edinburgh a week last Tuesday to see Our Dynamic Earth. I’d been wanting to see it for years, but never went through. This year I was determined to get to finally see it, so we jumped on the train and two hours later we were at Waverley Station. It was a short walk down the Royal Mile to where Holyrood Palace is and Our Dynamic Earth is nearby.

DSC_0165 (2)

I didn’t know what to expect because I didn’t really know what the exhibition was about. I kind of knew it was science-y, but that was it. We went and I went to the ticket desk. Boy was it slow. You would think they would have had more than two people on. Anyway, I eventually bought my tickets and we went down.

DSC_0169 (2)

It was pretty busy, but not uncomfortably so. At first, I thought to myself ‘I don’t think this is going to be that good.’ But, it actually was quite good. You get ‘taken back in time’ to when the Earth was created and it takes you through various stages of our planet’s evolution. There’s a bit where a volcanic eruption ‘takes place’ and they have a giant ice cube depicting the ice age that the kids loved to touch. I thought it would be plastic, but it’s real. I wouldn’t say it’s the very best thing I’ve ever been to, but I did enjoy it.

DSC_0170 (2)

We got a train back mid afternoon and got home in time for tea. Poor hubby was exhausted.

The Scottish Parliament.

The Scottish Parliament.

A couple of days later he finally started his chemo and he’s been zonked out ever since, poor soul. At least it’s finally started!

Our Dynamic Earth.

Our Dynamic Earth.

What else has been happening? Myself, my friend and our kids rescued a hedgehog this week. We went out for a post dinner stroll, came back via the park at the station and found a hedgehog out in the open and acting strange. It was shaking as it walked and looked distressed. My friend called the SSPCA and her son brought us a box with a towel in it. We transported the wee thing to my house to wait for the SSPCA lady. The kids called him (or her) Prickles. The lady came, checked him out and said there didn’t seem to be much wrong with it. I explained about the strange behaviour. She said she would weigh him and if he was underweight would take him back to our local SSPCA centre. If he was okay, she’d release him back into the wild. I apologised for wasting her time, but she said she would rather have come than not. I still think the wee thing wasn’t right, so am actually glad we called. I texted my friend the update and she said her husband called us hedgehog rustlers…the cheeky besom that he is.  We don’t know what happened to Prickles, whether he was released or not, but he was in the right hands.


This week I went back to work after having two weeks off for annual leave. It’s typical – the weather was rotten all the two weeks, but the minute I go back to work it starts getting better. Sigh.

The kids go back to school next week! Yippee! I’ve spent the last couple of weeks sorting out school uniforms, shoes, bags etc. It’s such a costly time of year! We went to get school shoes and trainers today. I spent a lot, but the kids are happy. I just hope we get some wear out the shoes. Last year, the girl shot up in height and went through loads of shoes, trousers and other clothes. It’s like someone put Miracle Gro on her and she suddenly just grew and grew and grew. She’s nearly my height now and a size less than me in shoes. It’s true what they say – enjoy them when they are babies because they are not babies long!

Right am off. I have two hungry weans demanding to know what’s for dinner, so I get the hint! They are obviously in need of nourishment. It’s stewed sausage tonight…a meal that’s easy to make, I made earlier in the week to make life a bit easier, and is one of my favourites!

Til next time!

Dawn xxx




Garden Visitors


We live in a lovely wee village on the banks of the River Clyde, surrounded by countryside and all the lovely thing that brings. And last night, we had a few visitors to the garden, one of whom we’ve not seen for about ten years.

Myself and hubby were just about to go to bed around ten last night, when the first visitor arrived. I was upstairs when hubby shouted me down to see who was traipsing around the garden looking for food and hoovering up Guinea Pig pellets left after I’d put the outside pen away. It was a hedgehog and we watched for a good ten minutes as he made his way around our back garden. The girl, who was still awake, came down and stood with us at the patio doors watching. We’ve not seen a hedgehog in the garden for at least ten years when we spotted one – frozen and wide-eyed – standing in the middle of the garden, caught in the light of our security lights. It wasn’t dead, just a bit stunned to suddenly be thrust into the spotlight! Anyway, it was lovely to have a hedgehog back.

Also in the garden – and we see them a lot during the summer months – was the flock (?) of bats that chase insects around our garden at the level of the treetops. Our back garden is fenced in by trees and I think this is great for the bats who love to scoot about snapping up flies and other six legged creatures who happen to fly around our ‘airspace’. We watched them too from the window, doing their aerial acrobatics. They are like big black butterflies skittering around in the air. I know there are a lot of folk who don’t like bats, but I love them.

Anyway, I need to go and put away the bags of shopping currently cluttering our kitchen. We went earlier…those books you buy before you have kids should really tell you this – taking kids supermarket shopping is NOT a good idea. It’s like herding cats with my two, they are all over the place, asking for things and generally being a nuisance. I’m always relieved to get home. Right, I am away.

Til next time!
Dawn x