New DarkIsle out April 11!!!!

Darkisle the final battle

Ta-daaaaaaaah!!! DarkIsle: The Final Battle is out on April 11!! Woohooo!! Am very excited. Pre-order yours now on Amazon and other outlets!

The Hairy  Bikers' bean burgers...a lot neater looking than mine!

The Hairy Bikers’ bean burgers…a lot neater looking than mine!

After all that excitement, let’s get back down to Earth with some normality (ie what my life is normally like!). Let me start first with my little success story from last night. I made the Hairy Bikers’ Eat for Life bean burgers for tea last night and they were lovely. There were three left over which I had in a pitta bread with salad for lunch. Delish!! I’ve got a few Hairy Bikers’ books and I love their recipes…they are down-to-earth, proper food for families, not the posh stuff you have to buy weird ingredients for. Unfortunately the kids weren’t as enamoured with the burgers as I was, but never mind. Hopefully, they’ll like them at some point in the future.

Yesterday afternoon I had some friends round for our craft club. Well, it was supposed to be craft club but it turned into ‘drink tea and eat cake and gab club’ instead and we got nothing done on our projects. We didn’t even have them out. That’s not the real point of craft club though…it’s really just an excuse to get together to gab and have a nice time. It was good. I’m still working on a top I was knitting for myself. It’s funny – when I’m knitting for other people I will knit and knit and knit. When I’m knitting for me…it takes ages. Still haven’t finished those socks I started over a year ago!!

Missed my walk last night as was feeling too tired and off colour. Went to bed early last night and woke up refreshed. This morning I watched the last episode of series 2 of Lilyhammer…that’s a funny series. I’m hoping there are further series…I’ll need to look it up. I also did a bit of yoga. I used to go to a class in a town near here, but it was on a night I worked and I was so stressed trying to get home, take my daughter to Rainbows, pick her up and then go to yoga, that I decided it wasn’t worth it. I have a few DVDs at home, so am trying to do a wee session every couple of days. Hopefully, I’ll eventually get back to a proper class…I really enjoyed the class when I was there, it was just getting there that was the problem!!

After this blog has been written, I am GETTING BACK INTO WRITING THE TWO BOOKS I WAS WORKING ON. I am shouting in text to give myself a metaphorical kick up the backside to get it done.

Anyway, I’m off to write. Til next time!

Dawn xxx

Am totally addicted to Firefly and other stories…

tulip march 2014

Hello! How are you? What’s been happening in your life?? Well, the biggest thing that’s happened in my life is that I’ve become addicted to Firefly. I’m a Nathan Fillion fan anyway being a huge fan of Castle, so it was not difficult to move to Firefly. I couldn’t get into the series when it was on tv, I don’t know why. Maybe I didn’t give it a long enough go. Anyway, I’ve been watching it on Netflix and loving it. Been using it as the background to my knitting my friend Laurina a hat for her birthday last week. I haven’t quite finished the hat, but it’ll be ready by the time I get back to work on Monday.


Still reading The Fellowship of the Ring. At last the Hobbits have met Aragorn. There was an awful lot of shilly shallying around and getting caught by this danger and that danger…things that would probably have been edited out in a modern book as being blocks to the story. However, I finally feel we’re getting there…thank goodness. Still enjoying it.

Picked up my Christopher Brookmyre book last week…the one I won. Well I won up to £10 to spend on a book of my choice. My husband’s response: “Oh just what you need – another book!” 🙂


Been a bit lazy on the writing front this week. I just can’t be bothered, so I decided to take a small break. I will do a bit this afternoon and tomorrow. Those books won’t get written by themselves so if I really want to get them finished I need to work on them!!

The weather here has been terrible this week: one minute bright sunshine, the next hail and rain. I don’t think the weather knows what it’s doing!! The frustrating part is that I’ve been unable to get out walking. Hopefully it’ll be dry next week.

Ooh, before I forget…just a quick Happy Birthday to young Eva L!! She’s nine next week. Hope you have a good day.

Right, I’d best be off. Got another exciting episode of Firefly to watch! I know! I’m so sad, but I just love sci-fi!!

Til next time

Dawn xxx

Cold Weather – Must be Blanket Crocheting Time!

riverside 'sculpture'

Hiya. How’s things with you? Hope you are all well. So what have you been up to? We’ve been busy at Nelson HQ enjoying our time off, seeing friends and family and generally trying to relax. NB the pic above was taken by my beloved hubby during a walk along the Clyde a couple of weeks ago. I liked it so much I decided to use it in this blog…no other reason. I’m not going to talk about walking along the Clyde because we haven’t done it this week – the weather has been cold, wet and windy and you do not want to be walking along the exposed side of the Clyde in that kind of weather unless you are dressed head to toe in super warm waterproofs.

Anyway, I haven’t totally done nothing this week. I’ve gutted the house, had my parents over for lunch (with two nieces and a nephew…my kids had a ball playing with their cousins whilst me, mum and dad caught up), took my kids to the westend to return a jacket and have lunch, and I’ve been busy stash busting by crocheting the blanket pictured below.

crochet blanket

Hubby thinks I should have turned it into a cardigan or something, but I like it as a blanket. Will come in useful over the winter months ahead when I’m watching telly…me and the kids just love snuggling under a blanket on the sofa. Besides the yarn was bought to make the boy a cardie, which I did and he won’t wear it because he says it’s ‘scratchy’…he chose the yarn, I spent ages knitting the flamin’ cardie and HE WON’T WEAR IT. Sigh. No more knitting for him methinks!!

Anyway, just wanted to check in and say hello. I must fly. Til next time!!
Dawn xx

Back to Knitting

baby 3

baby 4

Now I’ve finished all my editing and publishing of ebooks (and editing the third DarkIsle book), I have a bit of time to get back to hobbies. I’ve nearly finished a cardigan for the boy (still have to finish the collar trim which I have ripped out twice already because I can’t seem to get the right number of stitches to make it lie flat…will finish it today) and a poncho for the girl (just got to add the fringing).

I also completed a lovely wee cardie (pictured) for my friend Shona’s new wee boy and a pair of bootees. The cardie pattern came from Knitting Magazine’s summer kids patterns from last year (I think) and the bootees from a knitting book I have.

baby 1

baby 2

Was nice to knit for the baby, especially as I didn’t get back into knitting until after my two were out of their babyhood, something I kind of regret. I used to knit when I was a kid then gave it up as a teenager because it was uncool then and I couldn’t afford the yarn. Now, I don’t care what people think about my knitting and sewing addiction plus Shona was delighted with the gift, so that makes it all worthwhile for me.

Next projects? I have a shirt and trousers to sew for the boy. Am also thinking of knitting a 60s style top for me and sewing myself something. Am thinking maybe a little dress.

So there’s not other news chez moi. I’m back at work next week and the kids go back to school as well. Everything will return to the madness it always is when we have to get up early and get out for school and work. I’ve really enjoyed being off (on and off) over the summer. The weather was fantastic for a good bit of it, I did a lot of things, got a lot of books finished and generally enjoyed watching the kids playing. I shall miss it when we go back to normal. Sigh. Not to worry.

Anyway, enough of my wistfulness. I am off to pick up my needles and finish the boy’s new cardie. Will show pics of it, the poncho and the girl’s new dress I sewed for her next time. Til then.

Dawn xxx