Walking funny and getting ready for Christmas


I’ve been walking about as if I’ve poohed my pants! Last Sunday, I bent over to push the button to put the dishwasher on and my back went into spasm. I’ve been in pain ever since and can’t walk totally upright nor do anything above the speed of ‘very elderly lady’. So I’m thinking if the back pain is still there at the weekend, I’ll have to treat it with chocolate and maybe some wine. There’s nothing else for it! It’s medicinal!

How have you been this week? Shout out to my friend Dawn who reads this! How are you Dawn?? When we get together we are Dawn-in-stereo. Anyway, hope you’ve had a good week. My week has been pretty much dictated by my bad back. I haven’t really been doing anything exciting. I could make something up like I went to a Christmas ball and wore a huge ballgown and everyone gasped when I entered the room (cos I was so stunning, natch!!)…but nothing even remotely as exciting happened this week. Sigh. I am just looking forward to next week when the kids stop school and I stop work and we can have a long lie and a jammies morning.

I did have a good day today. I met my friends Tracy and Jane for brunch and Riverhill Courtyard in Helensburgh (a very nice restaurant by the way!). We ate a lovely meal and chatted and wished Tracy well on her up-and-coming trip to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.


Good luck missus! Have a great trip when it comes and try not to fall off!!  Also take plenty of pics so I can live vicariously through your adventures! Feel I should also give Jane a shout out cos she’s not climbing Kilimanjaro, but is a lovely person too! Note to other friends who have not been mentioned, but are equally important to me: you are lovely too! Right, guilt trip now over…

Christmas films viewed since my last post:

  • Nativity! (currently on the telly…the boy’s fave Christmas film)
  • The Grinch (another favourite of the boy’s)
  • Home Alone 2 (this and the first one are major favourites in this house!!)
  • and the wonderful Elf

We also watched Into the Woods, which was just okay. I wouldn’t watch it again. I thought it was a bit…well long and just alright.

Books I’ve been reading since my last post:

  • just the one, the very lovely The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett


I’ve never read this book before. I don’t know why,  it’s a beautiful book. I am loving it. Recommended reading even if you are, like me, a few years past childhood!

Right, am going to go and make myself a cuppa and eat some chocolate (what? it’s medicinal!!). Til next time!

Dawn xxxx

PS I will have an announcement to make very soon…it’s about this…







There’s a pheasant in my garden

pheaasant 2Walked out to fill the bird table earlier today and nearly had a heart attack when something relatively big and fast ran into the bushes. I was just in time to see the streak of brown and the long tail. It was a female pheasant. I don’t know what she was doing in our garden, but I threw down some seeds for her. She was really shy and flew off when I tried to take a pic so I’ve had to borrow a pic of what she looked like from the web.

We get quite a lot of different types of birds in our garden. Apart from the usual crows, rooks, the odd gull, blackbirds, tits, finches and robins, we also see the odd bird of prey, ducks (in the stream running down the back of the garden) and herons. More recently, what we think was a peregrine falcon used our back fence as a resting place.

falconIt’s really nice. We’ve also had hedgehogs, neighbours’ cats, our guinea pigs and the odd feral child in the garden too!!

Anyway, how’s your week been? Busy getting ready for the festive season no doubt!! I’ve been the same. I’ve been finishing a lot of projects up for work and also completing various home-made gifts. I haven’t taken pics of them yet (apart from the bears and the hat), but I’ll do that before I give them. So there’s been a fair bit of knitting and sewing going on. I’ve also been getting food etc in for Christmas. I don’t know about you, but I hate Christmas shopping…it’s always too busy, too hot and too full of very rude people. I do most of my shopping online and in October!

This week has been interesting weather wise. We were hit by what the press are calling the ‘weather bomb’ earlier on in the week. That meant we had everything the weather could throw at us: heavy rain, very strong winds, hail, sleet, thunder and lightening (a new one for me – I’ve never known it to do that in winter), low temperatures, ice and sun. Thankfully it’s died down and it’s just very cold and icy here. Makes me glad we’ve got a cosy warm house to go into. We’re lucky.

I’ve had one of those weeks where I’ve been forgetting a lot of things. I think it’s because we all have a cold and it’s making my head a bit woolly.

Went to the boy’s nativity during the week. He was one of the singers being one of the older children. The actual nativity play was called Baubles and was a take on the Christmas story. It was enacted by the Primary 1 pupils who were all incredibly cute and very good. All of us parents, grandparents and carers really enjoyed it. Well done P1-3. You all did very well.

Next week the girl is doing a carol concert, so I’m looking forward to that. I like attending these, it really starts off Christmas for me.

Anyway, I’m off to have a little read of my book – Elizabeth Hunter’s  A Fall of Water – before I start dinner.

Til next time!

Dawn xxx