What is it With Dogs Rolling in Poo?

Have you ever had one of those days when you feel as if you haven’t done much, but you’re absolutely exhausted? Today’s the day for  me! However, when I actually look back at what I’ve doen all day I suppose I have been busy…well -ish.

I rose at 5.30am to let two little dogs out for a pee. Then we all went back to bed until 6.30am but I wasn’t allowed to sleep, oh no, I had to spend the hour tickling tummies and rubbing behind ears and getting lots of love and licks. Every time I stopped, Millie would push her head into me wanting more attention…she’s a very lovely, but very demanding little girl at times.

NB before I forget, Casper had a haircut at Tartan Tails on Thursday and is looking so handsome as you can see in the pics. He actually looks like a Yorkie now instead of a scruffy little creature.

Okay, so we got up, I made us all poached eggs – when I say ‘all’ I mean me and the dogs, the kids were still in bed – and we ate them watching the new Lethal Weapon tv programme which is actually very good. Then I watched Modern Family (love that programme!) and Bones (I recently got back into it, still loving it although I can’t look at Booth without thinking of the vampire Angel on Buffy…hubba hubba!).

I decided to have a morning bath because…well I never get the time to have a bath during the day and I thought it would be lovely. I put some music on, laced the bath with bath salts and slipped in. Then the dogs came in, the boy shouted that he wanted me to do something, the girl started arguing with the boy and all hell broke loose…I turned the music up!

Me and the boy and the boy’s friend took the dogs down the beach after lunch. The sun was splitting the sky and it was really warm, so much so that I took my jacket off. The dogs just love the beach, although before we even got there Casper decided it would be a good idea to roll in dog poo. Ew! Anyway, we all enjoyed the beach although the boys (on their bikes) thought it would be a good idea to cycle through the water of the river (the beach is on the River Clyde) throwing up mud all over their bikes and their clothes. The dogs, who love a good chase, ran at top speed following the boys and chasing each other through the mud. As you can guess, they were all pretty mucky when they got back to our house later on, still they all had fun. Casper and Millie – to their utter horror (well Casper’s horror, Millie doesn’t seem to mind) – were then bathed before being allowed to wander about the house again. They are so funny when they are wet, it seems to spark them back into life. They just love running around and rolling on the carpet rubbing their wet fur dry on anything made of material (mainly my bed!!).

Later on, I sat down at my sewing machine to take up some summer dresses for the girl. They are made of a very fine stretch knit so are almost impossible to sew. In fact, one of them was so difficult that I ended up hand sewing the hem. Need to chat to my sewing supremo friend Tracy about the best way to sew this type of fabric! Anyway, I finished one and am halfway through another. It’s amazing how tired I get just doing nearly two hours of sewing. The time went really quickly, but I ended up with sore shoulders.

Then we had dinner and now I am writing this.

Ooh nearly forgot (and how could I?), took the kids to see the new Beauty and the Beast last Saturday. It was my wedding anniversary and I decided we needed to go to see this film to cheer us all up and it didn’t disappoint. It was a lovely film and so romantic and I just loved it.

What else has been happening? Went for a relaxing hot stone massage last week. It was fab. First had one of those six years ago when my friend AJ bought me one for my 40th birthday. Been meaning to go back and get another one and I’m so glad I did. I think I need to treat myself to one more often. So relaxing.

Books and I’ve just finished rereading Rich Roll’s Finding Ultra which is about how he went from an overweight, unhealthy 40-year-old to an ultra athlete…very inspiring. Just started the wonderful Joanna Bolouri’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year which promises to be as good (and as hysterical) as her first book The List. Also have her second book, I Followed the Rules, to read. I cannot tell you how funny her books are. They are just excellent.

Right am going to finish up here and get back to my book!

Til next time.

Dawn xxx

Mimicking Buster Keaton, Volcano poo and Home Alone

rain 1

Hello. How’s things? How’s your week been? Mine has been pretty busy. Spent yesterday celebrating my parents’ wedding anniversary with the family. They’ve been married 46 years!! Congrats to both of them. Needless to say, I am now suffering from a bit of a hangover (they are very generous with food and drink) today…sigh.  I stopped drinking by teatime yesterday, but I still feel rough today. Totally self inflicted. It was the wine, it was calling to me: drink me, drink me! So I obliged.

Forgot to tell you my comedy moment from last week. Honestly, it would have made a good You’ve Been Framed video. I’d just finished washing the kitchen and toilet floors and was walking across the kitchen floor when the world turned upside down…literally. Our floor tiles are really slippery when wet and I was kind of hurrying to tip the water out the back door when my foot went from under me, the bucket of dirty soapy water swung up and I tipped it all over my lower body and legs. I also landed heavily on my backside, but was so shocked by the fall that I didn’t register the pain. I got up and started to mop the water that was happily scooting under the cupboard door. I certainly gave Buster Keaton a run for his money, but was all achey breakey the next day.

rain 2

Did you see the horrendous weather yesterday and today?? It was actually snowing yesterday. And today it’s been raining heavily on and off. It’s off just now, but there are big black clouds looming on the horizon. I don’t mind bad weather so long as I am cosy inside.

Oh, finished The Tobacco Lords. Quite a shocker of an ending…don’t worry, I won’t tell. Yup, enjoyed the book. Am currently not reading any fiction, but only because I haven’t chosen a book yet. Just finished Miserly Moms which give tips on saving money. It’s quite good, but we do a lot of what it suggests.

What else has been happening chez moi? Nothing much really. Today, I helped the girl paint the volcano she made with her dad for a homework project. It’s the colour of poo…it looks like a big poo. Tomorrow I’ll pick up some yellow and orange paper to make the lava and explosion. Maybe it won’t look so poo-like after that. I quite enjoyed painting it though.

Introduced the kids to Home Alone and Home Alone 2 recently and they just loved them. They laughed and laughed. I think the first film is the best, but the sequel is hilarious too. I don’t like Home Alone 3…it just isn’t as good, but they are keen to watch it so maybe this will be tonight’s movie.

rain 3

Right, I’m going to go. Am going to put dinner on and try to feel better. It’s my own fault! Until next time!

Dawn (with a sore head and desperate to go back to bed) xxxxx