So Proud!


My beloved hubby has been doing a digital photography course and has been coming out with some really stunning pics.  I’m really proud of him, so decided to share my favourites of his. Above was taken on the shore of the River Clyde.

Here’s one taken at Loch Lomond (it’s not Ben Lomond…we’re not sure which mountain it is).


And one of my favourite: sheep with robin…


And this one…


Oh and the abstract one (believe it not these are trees)…





Dawn xx

A riverside walk and that tricky ceilidh dress

shore 1

We took a walk along the riverside last Sunday and it was lovely. The sun was shining, it was quite mild and there were signs of winter everywhere. I love all the seasons for different reasons…for autumn (this feels more like autumn to me, not yet winter), it’s the changing colours, the low sun, the feeling of everything going to sleep for the winter. It’s also getting home to a warm house and snuggling up on the sofa with a good book.

shore 4

The things I don’t like about this time of year: how dark it gets at 3.30pm and the fact the kids can’t get out playing after school (they love getting out).

shore 3

For winter, I love the snow and the dark, stormy skies and hurrying to get out of the ice cold rain and into a warm house.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. How are you all? Hope you’re well. What have you been up to? I’ve been working hard getting my Christmas knitting finished…I am nearly there. I just have three gifts to complete and that’s me.

Talking of Christmas and the kids are already getting a bit hyper about the big day. The wee man keeps counting down, asking me if I know how many days left they are and then telling me. It’s getting to the annoying stage, but at least this helps him with his maths.

I’ve been doing a fair bit of running around, taking dresses back for the girl. Sigh. I bought her a dress online, it was too small, I took it back. I bought her a dress from Frasers, it was lovely, but she didn’t like it. I took it back. I have now ordered her a third (and final) dress from Next so she’d better like it cos it’s not going back!! I should know to let her pick her dress herself from the word go. She has her first ceilidh coming up (pronounced kay-lee for our none Scottish readers – it means a gathering, but nowadays it’s more about a dance with a ceilidh band and everyone doing Scottish country dancing. It’s great fun and often a bit wild!) so needed the perfect dress. Hopefully this one that’s coming is it! I don’t think I could take any more. She’s not even ten yet, God help us when she’s a teenager and really into fashion!!

images 2014 301

Am currently reading Elizabeth Hunter’s third of her Elemental Mystery series The Force of Wind. Am totally hooked on this series. If you like fantasy and supernatural with a bit of romance thrown in, these are the books for you. I am racing through them. Still got the fourth to go…A Fall of Water…having read books one and two: A Hidden Fire and This Same Earth. After I’ve finished these I’m on to the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I love the films, so am thinking the books are bound to be even better!

Right, am aff! Got things to do this morning. Got piano practise, housework and yet more ironing (the bane of my life, I hate ironing with a passion). Until next time!

Dawn xxx

Cold Weather – Must be Blanket Crocheting Time!

riverside 'sculpture'

Hiya. How’s things with you? Hope you are all well. So what have you been up to? We’ve been busy at Nelson HQ enjoying our time off, seeing friends and family and generally trying to relax. NB the pic above was taken by my beloved hubby during a walk along the Clyde a couple of weeks ago. I liked it so much I decided to use it in this blog…no other reason. I’m not going to talk about walking along the Clyde because we haven’t done it this week – the weather has been cold, wet and windy and you do not want to be walking along the exposed side of the Clyde in that kind of weather unless you are dressed head to toe in super warm waterproofs.

Anyway, I haven’t totally done nothing this week. I’ve gutted the house, had my parents over for lunch (with two nieces and a nephew…my kids had a ball playing with their cousins whilst me, mum and dad caught up), took my kids to the westend to return a jacket and have lunch, and I’ve been busy stash busting by crocheting the blanket pictured below.

crochet blanket

Hubby thinks I should have turned it into a cardigan or something, but I like it as a blanket. Will come in useful over the winter months ahead when I’m watching telly…me and the kids just love snuggling under a blanket on the sofa. Besides the yarn was bought to make the boy a cardie, which I did and he won’t wear it because he says it’s ‘scratchy’…he chose the yarn, I spent ages knitting the flamin’ cardie and HE WON’T WEAR IT. Sigh. No more knitting for him methinks!!

Anyway, just wanted to check in and say hello. I must fly. Til next time!!
Dawn xx