Jeezo! That’s some wind! And a small tribute to Nora Ephron


I cannot believe how stormy it is again today. The poor kids were nearly blown off their feet going into school this morning. It was so bad during the night that I kept waking up thinking the world was ending. Hopefully it’ll die down by this afternoon when I go to pick them up. It’s also bitterly cold and yesterday we had snow. The snow is now away (it was that wet slushy stuff that’s no good for anything), but we have these icy winds (up to 101 mph in some places) to contend with. I am glad I’m in a warm house today, I can tell you! Poor souls that don’t have homes to go to.

Anyway, what’s your week been like? I’ve had a really busy time at work, which is good because I love writing and getting my teeth into an article, so have been writing lots of articles for newsletters for work. Outside work, we’ve been mainly staying inside because the weather has been so awful (we’ve also had really heavy rain…apparently the roads around here resembled rivers last night the rain was that hard. Of course, there was also a lot of melting snow as well!). What I’ve mainly been doing with my time outside work is: house stuff (the usual boring things like housework, making dinners etc), writing (did some this morning already!), reading (finished my latest Molly Keane novel – I really enjoyed it although I’m starting to find she seems to end her books quite abruptly) and catching up with telly (me and the girl are enjoying Castle from the beginning again and I’m loving Father Brown). I’ve also been knitting up some little projects for our knitting group to do at the school…will show you these soon.

Nora Ephron

Nora Ephron

What else has been happening? Just started Nora Ephron’s The Most Of Nora Ephron book. It’s a collection of some of her articles and essays. Really interesting and beautifully written. I first came across her as a screenwriter/director – You’ve Got Mail, Michael and Julie & Julia are three of all time favourite films!




I think she has a lovely feel for telling a story on film. Her films always make you feel warm and cosy and just well, nice. They are great films for a stormy afternoon (as today looks like it will be!), sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea and a chocolate digestive. No-one telephones, no-one bothers you. It’s just you and the film. Before the opening credits have even finished, you find yourself relaxing into a contented blob and drinking in the warmth and loveliness of the story. A couple of hours go by in a flash and you come out of your blissful stupor feeling like you’ve just had your first kiss: dazed and happy. I’ve only just really started this book, but am enjoying it immensely. For me it’s part story (although this is a work of non fiction), part history (so far we’ve tales from the 70s) and part humour (she’s a witty wummin!). Nora died in 2012 and what a great loss that was not just for her family and friends, but for people like me…fans who think she was wonderful.

Anyway, I am getting a bit gushy and the wind is howling all the more, so I will get on with writing this blog!

I’ve been writing this blog for a number of years now and it surprises even me that I can continue to keep it going. It’s not easy trying to find something to write about every week, to keep it even remotely interesting when my life is rather mundane at times (not that I am unsatisfied…I am a home bird who likes to do homey things, but they don’t often make good copy). I suppose it’s a good thing I’m a bit of a chatterbox, I think that helps when writing. If I’m stuck, I always think ‘well what would I tell my friends if they asked me what I’d been up to?’ and that’s what I do. I also like to see what other bloggers write about as this often inspires me. If in doubt, don’t copy, but emulate!

Right, I will really have to go now. Got stuff to do: at least another 700 words to write and a phonecall to make to family members.

Til next time! Have a good week. If you are in the throws of this storm, stay safe.

Dawn xxx

Stormy weather and a new tooth

robin 2

What a storm it was yesterday!! I think we had a bit of everything: really high winds, rain, sleet, snow and cold temperatures. It was so bad I actually considered keeping the kids off school. Luckily the wind died down a wee bit which enabled me to get them bundled into the car and up to the school. We battened down the hatches for the rest of the day though!! Today, it seems a lot calmer, which is good, although there is a little frost and snow on the ground outside.

So how have you been? What have you been up to? Have you, like me, just been getting on with things? I was supposed to go to a Christmas table decoration making class last night, but the weather was still bad and the Erskine Bridge was closed, which makes it impossible to get anywhere from this side of the river (the class was in Darnley on the southside). This is because when the Erskine Bridge closes, the other bridges across the Clyde and the Clyde Tunnel snarl up for hours with rush hour traffic. Anyway, am glad I didn’t go because it was a nasty night last night as well. Was really looking forward to the class though because craft is right up my street plus my mum and sisters were going which would have been a good laugh!

The boy lost another tooth this week, which was not as traumatic as it was the first time…thank goodness!! His other tooth – the new one – was most of the way in before this one fell out. Weird boy…most kids would have wiggled the old tooth out, but not our boy!! The tooth fairy came and he spent his pound on some ‘magic’ reindeer dust that he’ll sprinkle outside to encourage Santa to come on Christmas Eve. I love Christmas for all the magic it brings for kids…it’s so nice. I will miss it when they don’t believe any more. Sigh.

Anyway, I need to go. I am writing this before school and I need to go to take the offspring to school. Until next time,
Dawn xxx

PS sad to hear Nelson Mandela died…poor man appears to have lingered for a long time there. I have his Long Walk to Freedom to read and I’m looking forward to doing so. He was someone who truly deserves his place in history.