New book title reveal!

Best news ever this week! Myself and the lovely Graham, my editor, have finished the final edits of the new book.

And now I can reveal its name!

The Jacobite’s Share is the latest Nina Esposito adventure and sees our heroine heading home to Scotland to search for a hidden Jacobite treasure as a would-be murderer is at large. The action takes place in and around Dundow Castle in Perthshire and features our favourite archaeologist, Nina, her lover Jay and a cast of new characters.

I am just working on formatting it just now – I literally just finished for the night – and will be getting back in touch with Mia, my book cover designer, to do the next cover. Cannot wait!

In other news, I have finally learned how to make proper tablet. Tablet, for my non Scottish readers, is a very sweet treat made from sugar, milk, butter and condensed milk. It’s incredibly good and very, very bad for you. Put it this way, there’s so much sugar in it, your teeth vibrate when you’re eating it! It’s delicious and can be a bit tricky to make, but I managed it!! Whoohoo!


Finally about to finish the biography of Miss Anne Lister. It’s not the book. I am really enjoying it. It’s been several nights of not reading because I’ve been too tired interlaced with evenings when I’ve been binge reading M C Beaton’s Agatha Raisin series. They are quick reads and highly enjoyable. And funny. Next on my list is Elizabeth Gaskill’s Cranford.

This week has been very busy as I’ve been working on building my social media marketing business and formatting The Jacobite’s Share. I’ve really enjoyed networking and meeting other folk in small businesses. Have also signed up for a number of free training courses run by our local Business Gateway. Got a few coming up in the next couple of months, so that should be good.

Right, am finishing up now. Got a book on SEO optimisation to look at. Til next time.

Dawn xx

Scot-alicious…things I love from Scotland

I’ve done cakes, now it’s time for the things I love from Scotland. All of these I have loved since childhood. Growing up in Scotland in the 70s was excellent for sweeties, cakes and all things that aren’t brilliant for your teeth. However, I also had parents who insisted on us brushing our teeth and going to the dentist, so me and my siblings all still have a full mouthful!


Anyway, I bring you the first of my things I love from Scotland…

Highland toffee

Highland toffee…especially the stuff with chocolate on it!


Shortbread biscuits…any time day or night! But not with coffee. I don’t like coffee.


Tablet…so sugary and sweet you can feel your fillings jangle in your head. Yum.

Tunnocks teacake

Oh, the delights of Tunnock’s teacakes…what’s not to like?

If you have any suggestions for your fave thing about Scotland, drop me a comment or email: