It’s like Widow Twankie’s in here! Plus some book news

Hello, how are you all? Hope you are well. I’m good, well, better. Was a tad unwell yesterday which meant missing out on a night out, but am so much better now.

So what’s been happening in your world? I’ve been busy with house stuff and trying to do my degree course (OU, English Literature and Creative Writing), so my writing had fallen by the wayside recently. However, I did do some editing on the sequel to Dusting Down Alcudia and hope to have it out in the spring. So excited about it. Bit stressed that it’s good enough, but I feel this way with every book I write. I think it’s a thing most writers fear.

Anyhoo,  moving on. Tonight, was working on getting Dusting Down Alcudia in other formats so those of you with Nook or ibook can get copies  of it. Those should be available very soon… watch this space for more info. Everything She Wants’ cover is still with the designer, but I am aiming to publish it on or before December 10.

Home has been very busy. It’s amazing how much time I don’t have. I thought that when I gave up work a year-and-a-half ago I would have oodles of time to relax and do what  I want, but it hasn’t worked out that way. As they say, the Devil makes work for idle hands, well my hands are never idle. I am constantly cleaning or washing up or fixing broken things or shopping for food. Then there’s dental appointments, doctor’s appointments, orthodontists… anything I need to take the kids to. It’s endless. And don’t get me started about the dirty washing. I do not know how two kids can produce so much washing. It’s like Widow Twankie’s (for my non-British blog readers, Widow Twankie is the laundrette owning mother of Aladdin in the pantomime Aladdin) at my house! However, I am finally getting to the end of the washing mountain, but I’m trying not to be too pleased about it for I know that next week another mountain will mysteriously appear and my heart will sink and I’ll start stuffing the washing machine.

Pictures. Do you like them? I haven’t been taking any snaps myself lately (too busy up to my elbow in washing suds!), so I decided to get some free ones on the theme of Scotland. You are welcome.

I am reading…now on to the third of the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness and loving it all over again. It’s called The Book of Life. If you haven’t already read these books, please do so. They are amazing.

Right, I am off to do something else now. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Til next time,

Dawn xxx


Somewhat windswept and interesting, plus book news

Yes, that’s me looking somewhat bedraggled after taking the dogs out for a walk this morning at our local park. Boy was it windy and a bit wet. As I write this, the wind and rain are rattling against the windows. It’s really cold outside and I am glad I am inside in the warmth.

So how are you today? Hope you are all well. This week has been a busy old week for me what with various things happening at Chez Nelson. Let’s see: the boy went away on Monday for a five day holiday with the school to an outward bound place in the Borders. He’s back home now, dragging a full suitcase of dirty washing with him and happy to be home. I missed him.

I have been out for lunch four times this week and it was great. I loved it. Was nice to catch up with everyone.

We took delivery of a new fur baby in the form of my parents’ dog, Winston. We have him for a week whilst they are away on holiday. He’s adorable. Below he’s pictured with Millie and Casper at our local park (Bonya, our pug, isn’t in the pic because, as usual, she was lagging behind):

Book news!!  I’m aiming to bring the audiobook of Dusting Down Alcudia out before Christmas if possible. The ebook is currently only available for Kindle, but I will make it available for Nook, ibooks and others in the New Year. Watch this space for more information.

Everything She Wants is my brand new book which is due out in December. The cover is currently being put together by a designer and I’ll share that with you when I can. In the meantime, you can pre-order the book here. If you want to know more about it, here’s the blurb:

“A new dark comedy from the author of Dusting Down Alcudia. This book is rude, full of swear words and definitely not for the faint-hearted!

When Susan decides there’s more to life than housework, her cheating husband puts his foot down. Ignoring his protests and those of their selfish teen daughter, she runs away with a Wham tribute act to find herself and, hopefully, fame and fortune.

Along the way, there’s the chance of happiness with a new man, but things go awry and he turns out not to be the knight in shining armour she had hoped. Now Susan must decide whether to forge ahead with her new life or go home with her tail between her legs.”

Other book news – I am about to start my first edit of the sequel to Dusting Down Alcudia. It doesn’t have a title yet and I’m aiming to get it out by the springtime. Watch this space for more!

Book reading news!! Just finished the second in the All Souls trilogy by Deborah Harkness. Shadow of Night is the sequel to A Discovery of Witches. I am about to embark on the third, The Book of Life, and have the new one, Time’s Convert to enjoy after that. I love these books. I read them years ago, but because of the tv adaptation, I brought them out to read again. They actually belong to my mum, but she’s not getting them back!! Hee hee.

They are amazing books, check them out.

Right, I am going to end this here as it’s after 9pm and I am desperate for a cup of tea. Til next time.

Dawn xxx




I love Mary Poppins but I’m not sure about P L Travers


Just finished watching Saving Mr Banks – we’d recorded it – and I quite enjoyed it. Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson were excellent in their respective roles at Walt Disney and P L Travers. It’s quite a sad film. P L Travers seems to have had quite a hard early life with an alcoholic father who died young which may have been the reason she was so cold and precise and judgemental in her outlook in later life. I looked up her biography and was saddened to see that there was a line from one of her grandchildren which basically said that she liked no-one and no-one like her. I would hate to be remembered like this. It’s just so sad. What a waste of a life despite her writing so many excellent books. I loved the Mary Poppins film – it’s the first one I remember seeing at a local cinema as a very small child – and I really loved the books which I borrowed several times from Neilston Library. Anyway, I still remember the joy those books brought me when I was growing up and their author’s apparently difficult character will not put me off them!

So how are you? Life has been pretty hectic lately – to be truthful it’s always hectic  (well, until the kids go to bed!). Work has been busy busy busy and the kids are just getting back into life at school. They seem to be enjoying it so far although I am NOT enjoying trying to get my son out of bed and dressed in the morning. Where my daughter is like the hare (quick and quiet), my son is a very noisy and objecting tortoise. He just hates to get out of his bed and he takes forever to get ready, to eat his breakfast, to brush his teeth, to get his shoes on and the list goes on…sigh! It’s soul destroying to have to cajole him every single morning. Am hoping this is just a phase he will grow out of!

Our guinea pigs are now back indoors due to the bad weather. It’s been raining a lot and has got a lot colder lately so I thought I’d take them in earlier than planned. They appear to be loving being back in the warmth of the house and I was rewarded with a lot of purring from Darcy this morning when I gave them the additional treat of some kale. They love fresh vegetables! They are very cute and cuddly wee creatures and I sort of missed them from the house. Now they are back, they are easier to visit and talk to and stroke and rub their heads. The only problem is that my study is now a bit of a mess, but not to worry…the hoover will soon sort that out!

Am currently reading Deborah Harkness’ new book The Book of Life. It’s the third in the All Souls trilogy and it is excellent. I cannot keep myself from reading it, it’s all I want to do. It’s the witch/vampire story I’ve spoken about many times before. If you like a good read I’d recommend all three – A Discovery of Witches

A Discovery of WitchesShadow of Night

Shadow of Nightand The Book of Life

The book of life (2)

As for my own books, not much to tell you. I have gotten back to working on my adult and children’s books. Nothing else to report apart from that. Such is the life of an author!!

Anyway, talking of writing, I am going to love you and leave you here so that I may get back to it. Til next time!


Dawn xx

PS am thinking of getting back to Wednesday Word and the Monday favourites…if anyone can suggest either words or themes for the favourites, please do so. I’d love to hear from you.