Working and making – it’s been a busy week

Right, so I’m turning over a new leaf next week and getting up earlier to write. I’ve taken on some more work in my social media business, so I’ve been lacking time for writing and it’s killing  me. The whole point of giving up my PR job with the NHS three years ago was to spend more time writing. So, up at 6am on weekdays it is. 😱 Really hope I can do it. No, that’s not the attitude. I can do it.  I am also going to bite the bullet (this blog is already full of cliches!) and do some live FB talks on my author FB page. I want to really start to push my author business and that’s part of it. Plus it’s a nice way of connecting with readers old and new. Wish me luck.

So, how’s your week been? Mine has been uber busy as usual, but it’s good because I’m working for myself and doing things I love, including my work doing social media for my clients. Social media was made for me, I love creating posts and imagery.

My son has been isolating for the last two weeks after being exposed to a fellow pupil with Coronavirus. He’s out of isolation today and I’ve never seen such a relieved 12-year-old. Although he’s been loving being at home and playing online with the other kids that were also off for the same reason, he’s missed his friends and getting out. Thankfully his test was negative and he hasn’t developed any symptoms since. Phew. I kinda knew he didn’t have it. He’s the picture of health, thank goodness.

Anyway, I’ve barely been over the door myself I’ve been that busy with work. The script continues to go well. We did an early read through last week of what we’ve done so far and it’s going well. Really pleased with it. It’s a long, slow process working with two others, but it’s fun. We work well together. Next week, we’ll be continuing to develop it. We’ve done about an hour’s worth so far, but we want to make it a series so have a lot more to write. It would be wonderful if, when we finish, it’s taken up by someone like Netflix and made.

My SOS (Sisters of Sin) novel continues. I’m on the home stretch, but just can’t slot in the time or energy to finish it. Hence, my plan to start getting up at 6am to write it. Needs must.  After this one, I have another SOS book to write and then I’ll do another Nina book. Also musing with writing a fantasy series, been working on developing that through using mind mapping. So far I’ve worked out the main characters and some of the story for the first book (hoping to have a series of seven books eventually). It all depends on my getting down to work on it and that depends on time and energy levels. Still, the desire to do it is there.

This week, I’ve also been working on some items to sell in my online Etsy shop, Vintage Knit Treasures. I’ll share those once they are ready to be seen in public. 😊 Talking of the shop, I’m going to love you and leave you now to put more patterns up in the shop.

Til next time,

Dawn xxx

PS I don’t know what the hell is going on with FB images today, but I can’t get my images to look any bigger. Hopefully, it’ll be sorted out by the next time I post.

Glasgow Vintage at Merchant City Festival

I have a confession. I went to the Merchant City Festival on Sunday with the kids and my friend AJ and her daughter, and I didn’t take any pics. I think I was so busy keeping an eye on my kids that I didn’t even think about taking photos. Sigh.

Still, I have the memories.

Okay, the main reason why I wanted to go to the festival was that there was a huge vintage part to it organised by Wayne Hemmingway and his team. We met AJ and her daughter at Queen Street station and then trundled down to the Merchant City, which is a really nice area of Glasgow for shops and restaurants. Here’s what we saw:
– a girl in vintage bathing suit, goggles and flowery swimming cap doing some street art and pretending to dive
– lots of stalls selling foods from all over the world, the smell was incredible
– a vintage market with lots of goodies…my fave was the Dennis the Menace stall selling memorabilia from the Beano
– circus and other street artists
– live bands
– afternoon tea in china cups and cupcakes
– a dance area with a man demonstrating 70s disco (complete with silver platforms and sparkly jacket)…he got some folk up from the crowd and the only reason AJ and I didn’t join him was that our kids were bleating ‘No!’ and looking mortified
– an area where you could get a vintage makeover (was sorely tempted, but would have been difficult to sit for half an hour with my two wriggle chicks bouncing around…they never stop)

There were also lots of folk dressed up in vintage styles ranging from the 40s through to the 60s. Excellent!

Was a good afternoon and was great to catch up with AJ again. Was exhausted though when I got back home…we walked around for several hours, had tea at a teensy vintage style caravan that was a ‘travelling tearoom’, and trawled the stalls. Next time, I leave the kiddies at home. I think I was too anxious trying to keep a hold of them to truly enjoy the experience.

The day before, the immediate family (all 12 of us) went over to my mum and dad’s to celebrate my dad’s 68th birthday. I can’t believe he’s 68. My mum will be 69 in November. When did they get older? Anyway, we ate out in their garden, my mum put on a fantastic spread (as usual) and we had a right old laugh. My parents put out a paddling pool (shaped like a pirate ship) in the garden which my boy and my three-year-old niece were never out of. It was a good day and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Happy birthday dad! I should also mention my two-year-old nephew who celebrated his birthday last Tuesday. Happy birthday to you too wee man!

Dawn xxxx