Birthday cake, Taboo and Dog Saliva Downward Dog


It’s amazing how quickly time flies! And it’s true what they say: the older you get the quicker time passes. I cannot believe that 12 years ago I gave birth to my daughter. Where have the last 12 years gone??  It seemed like yesterday she was a wee scrap of a thing and now she’s nearly the same height as me with the same size feet! I’m not sure if she’s stopped growing. I’m 5’8″, but her dad was 5’11” and my dad is 6’2″ so she could stretch some more. Gone is the little girl with the blond curls that I used to sit on my lap. Now she’s a gorgeous looking pre-teen (I am, of course, biaised!) with legs up to her ears and the attitude of a 20-something (it’s wearing, as all parents know, to have a daughter who thinks she knows more than I do). Anyway, my beloved girl is 12…sigh! They really do grow up too quickly!

The cake above is an ‘aerial’ shot of her birthday cake and it was taken at its best angle. I say this because when I sliced the cake open and put jam in the middle, I replaced the top the wrong way round and it ended up a bit wonky. It looked like someone with a very small posterior had sat on it. Anyway, she and I decorated it and it didn’t look so bad. She finished it off and I think did a brilliant job. It tasted great when we ate it at her birthday lunch attended by we three and my mum and dad.


This young man was a lodger here this week. He’s my parents’ dog and he’s a Bichon Frise/Poodle cross called Winston. He’s only five months old and is adorable. He stayed over to allow my mum and dad to have a day out in Edinburgh. They like to go different places, but it can be difficult with the wee fella to look after. Anyway, Winston had a ball. He gets on really well with my dogs, especially Millie with whom he’s having a bit of a love affair. I caught them lying on the floor facing each other. Then they licked each other’s mouths and gazed lovingly into their respective big brown eyes. I kid you not. Poor Casper was a bit of a gooseberry during Winston’s stay and was a little bit jealous. He engaged Winnie in a lot of rough play fighting (which Winnie seemed to enjoy, but Millie didn’t). Anyway, when it got a bit too rough, Millie stepped in to ‘rescue’ Winnie and it ended up in a real fight between Casper and Millie. Yes, it was a noisy time, but this house is never quiet anyway! There are only some rare occasions when I can actually hear the television!



As I write this, my attention is half on the television which is showing a recording of The Remains of the Day starring Emma Thompson and Anthony Hopkins. I love any films linked to Merchant Ivory. They are always beautiful to watch and it’s so easy to succumb to their warmth and charm (my favourite is A Room With a View). I’m enjoying this one which I recorded ages ago and am only now watching. It’s a nice film.



Just finished watching the latest episode of Taboo. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but am really enjoying it now. Can’t wait for the next one. Tom Hardy is great in the lead role, very menacing and moody. Is he as evil as he makes himself out to be or just a lost soul? Hmmm. Excellent cast and a great story.


I started doing yoga again, but it’s not been as easy as I thought it would be. The poses are fine…I’m doing gentle yoga so it’s really a beginner’s DVD I’m following. However, the difficulty part is to do with my dogs who seem to think that when I’m lying on the ground or doing Downward Dog it’s time to play or be pounced on or have my face licked, which I really hate (I’ve seen where those mouths have been!). Anyway, my aim is to improve and hopefully tone up…pouncing dogs or no!

Right I am going to finish up here and say adieu until next time!

Dawn xxx


Drat! Foiled again…no romantic lunch for us!


Hello. How are you? What’s been happening? What’s the gossip? Me? Truthfully, my life hasn’t been exciting lately. I could make something up. I could say I flew to Paris with hubby for a romantic moonlit dinner under the Eiffel Tower. I could say I’m just back from trekking to Machu Picchu and brought back a lhama, but none of those two fantasies are true. Sigh.

Hey ho! Instead, this morning, hubby and I attempted to go to Clydebank to do a bit of shopping and to pick up a bit of lunch. We got as far as Dalmuir, which is pretty much as close to Clydebank as you can get without actually being in Clydebank when we got a call from our local school. The girl was sick. We had to turn about to get her. I am telling you this story not because it’s particularly interesting – it’s not – but because every single time we try and go out for lunch over the last couple of years one of the kids have been ill and we’ve had to pick them up from school. It’s not like there was any sign of illness before we sent them to school – we’re not such bad parents. Honestly it’s like someone is trying to tell us we shouldn’t go out for lunch together. The kids don’t know our plans beforehand, but they must psychically be picking up on our plans to spend time together! Anyway, we had to return home and she’s now in bed, tucked up having been given the magical elixir that is Calpol.


It’s been weird. For months I’ve been procrastinating with writing and haven’t been daydreaming up any new stories for, well, several months, years even. But the past few weeks, since hubby’s been getting better, my beloved daydreaming has returned and ideas have been popping up for stories and other crafty things all over the place. It’s like I’ve got my mojo back. I think it’s to do with the fact I’ve been doing yoga every day and meditating regularly. I feel mentally and physically good, so it makes sense my writing mojo is returning. Yoga has also been great for getting my old lady bones moving and not stiffening up. I was feeling I was getting really inflexible from all the driving and sitting around I was doing whilst hubby was in hospital. Now I can do a downward dog without even thinking about it!!

Fisherman's Canoe on Beach

Have you noticed the images I’ve put in this blog? There is a theme. If you want to, drop me a message and tell me what you think it is.


So they’ve finally gone and done it. Castle and Beckett have married! Finally! I thought the episode was not up to it’s usual highly entertaining standard though. I mean – Castle going into another dimension?? A bit twee, but hey I still love the series. Hubby maintains I love anything on tv that features a writer and he’s not wrong. Some of my favourite films: You’ve Got Mail, Something’s Gotta Give, Julie & Julia…need I go on? TV programmes are the same, hence the love of Castle – although the murder mystery bit of it is a big part of my enjoyment of the show. Plus Nathan Fillion who plays Richard Castle was also Captain Malcolm Reynolds in Firefly. What’s not to love about a programme that has him, murder, Stana Katic as a kickass Kate Beckett and a writer in it?


Am having Game of Thrones withdrawal at the moment. I’m trying to keep away from all the theories on Facebook about Jon Snow, it’s giving me too much hope the character will come back. The good thing is my favourite character Tyrion Lannister is still there…long may he continue!


Right I must be off to do some planning (yes – writing planning) and other bits and pieces. Til next time!

Dawn xxxx

At last! Some summer sunshine!





Oh hasn’t the weather been gorgeous the past couple of days? It’s really made a difference to everyone. Life suddenly feels so much better when the sun is splitting the sky and you can go outside without a jacket and about three million layers!!  Can’t believe that less than a week ago we were experiencing gale-force winds and lashing rain. Hope the sun stays a bit longer.

Anyway, how are  you? Hope you are all good and enjoying the lovely weather.

Life here at Chez Nelson trundles on as before. Hubby is slowly getting better. Still no further forward with treatment, but I’m fattening him up with good nourishing food and he seems to be getting a little better each day. We had visitors today in the form of some old friends who were keen to see how hubby was. It was lovely to see both of them and it was a great afternoon. We had a bit of a laugh and I really enjoyed their company. Hope to catch up with them soon. They brought a cake and these lovely flowers…


…so they can come back any time!! Hee hee. Actually they can come back anytime without cake and flowers – they are not a prerequisite for getting in!!

Been getting back into Mindful Meditation. I had kind of fallen away from it for a while, but it’s really been helping recently.  I started doing it more than a year ago for stress and it’s really great. Not only do I feel less stressed and anxious, but I sleep better…I can get to sleep. I was always terrible for getting to sleep, now I fall asleep really quickly and it feels like a better, more refreshing sleep. Anyway, I got back into it because I simply wasn’t sleeping. It’s been all the stress and worry over hubby’s illness. I couldn’t get to sleep and then found myself waking at 3.30am every morning and then not being able to get to sleep again. I was only getting a few hours a night, so I went back to Mindful Meditation and it’s really been helping.

I’m also trying to do a little bit of yoga every day to loosen up and stretch (I’ve hardly been exercising lately and my body was stiffening up). I missed today as I had a few things to do online…like buying Father’s Day gifts…and it took longer than I thought it would. It’s surprising how long it takes to get a really thoughtful (I hope) and nice gift for my dad, my father-in-law and hubby. Father’s Day has just suddenly come upon me this year, but thankfully I realised just in time to order some gifts. Thank goodness for Funky and all their adverts on telly reminding me it was coming up!!

The other thing I need to get a grip of is my diet. It fell away when hubby was in hospital and I managed to get back on track with healthy eating when he came out about two weeks ago. However, he ended up going back into hospital again overnight last Sunday and me and the kids ended up going to the Linwood Farm restaurant for dinner. It was burger and chips all round. Nice enough, but not as healthy as I’d like. Anyway, am keen to get back to healthy eating so this week have written my menus for the week and bought the ingredients and hopefully we’ll eat well…no more rushing to hospital, I hope!!

Tonight we’re having tomato pasta which everyone likes and there should be no wrinkling of noses and saying ‘yeuch’ and pointing (faces screwed up in disgust) and asking: “Mum what is THAT?” and tentative tongues trying the meal and exaggerated gagging as if being poisoned. This generally is what I have to put up with from my kids when I offer them perfectly healthy meals…even meals without broccoli!

Anyway, I am off to serve up dinner before taking a well earned rest in front of the telly. I will lounge on the sofa patting my full and contented tummy whilst imbibing a nice cup of tea!

Til  next time!

Dawn xxx