Terry Pratchett, the Witcher and a Dog Who Used to be a Familiar

So I’ve been on a bit of a fantasy ride recently. I am decidedly fed up with the real world: the news is nothing but bad news, it’s January so I’m skint and the weather has been bleurgh this week. Anyway, fantasy always cheers me up, I’ve always loved fantasy, so I’ve started back re-reading all the Harry Potter books AND, more importantly, I’m reading Rob Wilkins’ biography of Terry Pratchett, which I’m just loving cos it’s funny and heart-warming, and being such a huge fan of Terry I feel that reading this book let’s me have a little peek into his life. I am still gutted the great man is no longer with us. His books are amazing; so clever, so funny.

If you hadn’t heard already, I’m also writing another fantasy book. I started my authorly career with fantasy novels for children – Darkisle, Darkisle: Resurrection and Darkisle: the Final Battle – and I’m writing another one (this time for adults) right now entitled Loch Ness. You can imagine what creatures appear in that one! I’m about halfway through writing that and loving it. I had forgotten how much I love writing fantasy. It’s making me think I should stick to it in the future. Although, I will keep adding to the Sisters of Sin catalogue and I’d like to do more Nina Esposito books. It’s just finding the time! My plans this year are (if I don’t have to go find a job that is, bills sky rocketing as they are) to write Loch Ness, to do another book for Sisters of Sin, to do a book for another assassins’ series and to write three books of a new steampunk/fantasy series I have in mind. That’s six books! Yikes! Is it doable? I think it is if I continue prioritising the writing.

So, anyway, how are you all? Hope you’re well. What’s been happening in your world? Let’s see, I had my parents over at the weekend. We drank wine, ate haggis (Burns Night was last week) and raised a glass to my uncle who died recently. I’ll not go into too much other than to say he was a lovely man and we’ll miss him.

I watched the entire series of Atlantic Crossing, a series about the Norwegian royal family during World War 2. It was superb. Thoroughly enjoyed it. If you know me, you’ll know it’s not just fantasy I’m into, but history as well and I love the WWII era. Still blows my mind that that war only finished 25 years before I was born. When you watch it on tv or read about it, it seems like it was eons ago, but this was the period when my grandparents were all young. My parents were born just after it ended. Mad.

I have taken the plunge and bought the first two Witcher books. Being into fantasy (in case you didn’t already know!), I figured it would be a good time to see what all the fuss is about. I’m hoping I enjoy them. I think I will. I quite liked the series. I also picked up (all secondhand from World of Books – yay for online secondhand book stores) The Once and Future Witches by Alix E Harrow. Looking forward to that. And, being somewhat obsessed with Terry Pratchett, his A Slip of the Keyboard. I’m going to be busy reading over the next few weeks!


As I write, I am currently being silently harassed by my Yorkie, Casper. He does this by sitting nearby staring at me with his beady little brown eyes until I break or give in to his demands. He wants to go out for a walk, but it’s so wet and nasty outside he’s going to have to wait until the weather clears a little. I can feel those eyes boring into me even now. He must have been a witch or her familiar in another life because he is really good at the ‘boring’ eye stuff. I know fine that once we go out into aforementioned maelstrom, his ears will go down, his tail will be swiftly tucked between his legs and he’ll want to back home. Casper is a fair weather dog. He does NOT like getting wet. Millie, however, being half Jack Russell, will go out in any weather and loves the water.  She’s disappeared. I hope she’s not upstairs trying to break into my son’s room again. Hmmm.

Right, I shall love you and leave you. I have words to write, a newsletter (please sign up I have loads of things to tell you about include free books) to write and my uni course to study. Till next time,

Dawn xxx

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