The Aldiss and Bertie Show : Favourite Cheeses

aldiss the rat

Hi, Aldiss here and this week I want to talk to you about cheese. Cheese is one of my favourite foods and something I’m a bit of an expert in. I just love it. Here are a few of my favourite cheeses:

  1. Marnoch Mor Cheddar – this is a strong cheddar, pale blue in colour with a tangy taste. It’s best used in yummy macaroni cheese, but I also like it on toast or a nice oatcake, especially the ones my mum makes herself.
  2. Marnoch Mor Green – yes, green cheese does exist and Marnoch Mor Green is my very favourite. It’s particularly good Grubar berries and a nice glass of pink lemonade.
  3. If you are looking for a good cream cheese, I can recommend Murst’s own brand. It’s simply delicious.
  4. I also like human cheeses. There’s a cheese shop in Glasgow that I sometimes visit with my witch friend, Lunette. She looks human so hides me in her bag whilst we are in the shop and I whisper her my instructions as to what I like and what I want to buy. She’s very good and we’ve bought some scrumptious cheese from there.



Right I am going to finish up the Aldiss and Bertie show here and press publish. Oh-oh here comes Bertie.

B – Aldiss what are you doing? I thought we were going to do this post together?

A – We were so I got started.

B – But we agreed it was going to be about my long family history in Marnoch Mor.

A – I didn’t agree to that.

B – Yes you did.

A – I didn’t. I would never have agreed to anything so boring.

B – Boring? I’ll have you know there have been Flukes in this town since it was established hundreds of years ago.

A – Were they all as boring as you?

B – What? My family tree is fascinating.

A – I know. I have been there, although I wouldn’t say it was fascinating, just a good place to live.

B – What?

A -What?

B – Never mind. Delete all that and I’ll type in my family history.

A – Hmmm I don’t think anyone’s interested.

B – They will be. I promise.

A – No. I don’t think so.

B – Well it’s what we agreed would be put in the Bertie and Aldiss Show this week.

A – Aldiss and Bertie Show.

B – What? Oh never mind. Move over so I can get on the laptop. What are you doing Aldiss? No don’t touch the publish button. Aldiss! Nooooo!”


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