The Dreaded Lurgy Comes to Town

The Dreaded Lurgy has breached the germ barriers of this house again. The girl has some sort of stomach thing and is in her bed sleeping. I have a dastardly cold that has drained me of all energy, so I’ve taken the opportunity to chill out this morning. I don’t often get the chance to just sit and do nothing, so am enjoying it. Don’t get me wrong, I am still doing washings and tidying things up…these things don’t get themselves done! Unfortunately!

So how’s your week been? Have you done anything interesting? I can’t say I’ve done a huge amount because of aforementioned extreme tiredness. Tried to have a relaxing bath last night, but was constantly interrupted by two mutts who repeatedly stood up, paws on side of bath, wanting to be patted. Casper, the water hating Yorkie, whined a lot. I think he wanted me to get out of the “awful” bath. Millie appeared to want to get in. Anyway, eventually they got bored and left me to my bath and my book (Catching Fire – the second Hunger Games book, it’s fantastic).

I’m sorry but this blog is going to be short and a bit boring. As I said I haven’t been tip top this week thanks to the cold, so I haven’t been exerting myself…except to do the housework yesterday. In fact, I’m going to finish up now and hopefully will be back bigger and better with the next blog. Til next time.

Dawn xxx

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