The Nina Esposito Romantic Mysteries


Nina Esposito, archaeologist, is on a mission. She’s flying to Mallorca to locate a magnificent Roman treasure that’s been lost for centuries.

But, when a formal love and a work rival vie for her attention, Nina finds herself locked in romantic rollercoaster. Which one is truly worthy of her? And do they have ulterior motives other than winning her heart?

Added to the mix is a Spanish billionaire who will stop at nothing to get the jewels for himself.

Who will get to the treasure first? Will Nina’s heart be broken along the way? And can she really trust either of the men in her life?

Join Nina on a breath-taking journey of discovery that takes her from the dusty fields of Mallorca to the diamond brokers of Amsterdam.

As she soon finds out: there’s everything to play for when you’re Dusting Down Alcudia.


“A terrific, fast paced action adventure that I couldn’t put down,” Janice Mitchell.


“This romance is full of great characters and is a fantastic story. I can’t wait until the next one is out.” Laurina Hewson



When an argument leads to estrangement from lover Jay, Nina decides to take a research job at a Scottish castle to get away from her troubles.
Back in her native land, the plucky archaeologist soon finds herself up to her ears in a centuries-old mystery and attempted murder.
Now she’s got to find the Jacobite treasure before a would-be assassin picks off the handsome Laird and his equally gorgeous brother… a brother who has taken quite a shine to her.
And when Jay returns to her life, things will only get further complicated as his ex-fiancee shows up to create mayhem.
The second in the popular Nina Esposito Adventures, The Jacobite’s Share is a fast-paced adventure thriller full of darkness and danger.