There’s a big parcel sitting on my table I’m itching to open…

…but it’s not mine! The girl turns six today and my lovely friends George and Raymond have sent her up a parcel wrapped in brown paper. She will love this for two reasons: 1) she’s like me and loves getting things through the post   2) it’s another present for her.

Unfortunately my oven is on the bung, so this was made in the smaller oven that doubles as the grill. It’s not up to my usual standard, but still tasted nice. I have still to make her a chocolate birthday cake for today.

Last night we went to Frankie & Benny’s at The Quay to celebrate not only the girl’s birthday, but my stepson’s 19th birthday. I’ve known him since he was 7, so this is just putting it into perspective about how fast time flies! We all had pizza and birthday cake (I made him one too) and ate too much, but it was good.

I also received a surprise this week. Hubby bought me a new MP3 after my last one died on me. I love the new one, it’s actually quite easy to use…after a bit of faffing around with it. The thing didn’t come with any instructions, which I always find odd and makes me want to shout at the manufacturers: WE ARE NOT ALL TECHNOLOGICALLY COMPETENT AND YES, I NEED INSTRUCTIONS!! Why do they leave them out? Is it a money saving thing? Do they expect everyone to go on to their website and download instructions? If so, it would help if they had printed their website’s address on the box! Hmph!  Anyway, I have now got the hang of it, I think. Have already uploaded tonnes of music on to it.

Spent this morning planning and writing DarkIsle 3. I had such a lot of ideas this morning that it was all my fingers could do to keep up with them as they poured out of my mind. I love it when I get like that, it makes writing a book so much more exciting. I am on draft 1, chapter 8 and things are really hotting up in the story. Ooooh, can’t wait to see what happens next!

Dawn xxx

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