This is honestly tidier!

Today I took the day off work. I had a day left over from my annual leave allocation, so I thought I would treat myself and have a ‘lazy’ day. That hasn’t quite worked out like that. After dropping the kids off at nursery/school, I came home and immediately began to clean my study where my books, craft stuff and desktop are…honestly, this is it tidier!

one of my bookcases and my desk

the other side of the desk

The bird painting was done by my sister when at art school, I love the colours in it. The desk was from an antiques shop at The Barras Market in Glasgow.  The leather chair is an old one my parents gave me. Looking at these pics makes me yearn for the big white wooden bookcase I want to build up against that wall. Maybe then I can get the hundreds of books I have displayed properly. Sigh. Must…get…writing…to…earn…more…money…to…pay…for…bookcase


So, did you make pancakes yesterday? My daughter announced at 6.30am yesterday that it was Pancake Tuesday and  I was supposed to make her pancakes there and then. At 6.30am in the morning? I think not. I made some last night for after tea. Both she and her brother wolfed down one massive pancake (Scotch, of course, which means they are sweet and fluffy and lovely) each. Of course, I truly believe that Pancakes are not just for Pancake Tuesday, but should be relished all year round. Same for cakes and chocolate!

Am planning to finally finish the boy’s v-neck jumper. I haven’t done it yet because, having knitted all the bits, I am now at the stage where I have to sew it up and I don’t really like sewing up knitted garments. I don’t know why. Also, I lost my little sewing book my friend Tracy made for me from felt (it’s lovely), and which holds my sewing needles for sewing up knitting. I searched and searched and searched for it, went through every knitting bag I have (I have about four on the go at the moment) and couldn’t find it. Today, following the tidying of the study, I found it in a bag I’d already looked in several times. Why does that always happen? Not just with needles, but with books, car insurance documents, MOT documents, passports etc? Where does the sought after item disappear to? Does it go into another dimension where it hides out and giggles whilst I frantically search for it, only to reappear some time later when it’s bored and hungry? Who knows!! Does this phenomena even have a name? Sigh. Anyway, I have no excuse now, the jumper needs sewn and I’m going to do it today.

Am also going to sew the dress I cut out about three months ago and have never sewn up yet. Been too busy making other things, reading, writing, baking (not recently due to oven still being on the bung),  housework and mad weans demanding attention. I have the afternoon to myself…the study is tidy…I have no excuse but will get the sewing machine out!

However, before that I will write up another thousand words of DI3 and another book for adults that I’ve been writing for years. Don’t know what it is lately, but I am back in the writing groove. I have my writing mojo back! I think it’s got a lot to do with the fact that the boy is now old enough to go to nursery and that gives me the time and energy to write. Who knows! Hopefully it’ll last!

Dawn xx

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