This is weird…I have some time to myself

The kids are away to school and nursery respectively and I’m feeling a bit weird about it. Think it’s to do with the fact that this is the first time in years I’ve actually had some time to myself. I’ve spent the time so far:

1) writing 1400 words of chapter 6 of DarkIsle 3…yippee, back into it!

2) drinking Irn Bru and eating shortbread (love it, love it, love it).

3) guiltily trawling craft blogs when I should be writing.

4) answering emails.

Tomorrow morning, I plan to write again. It’s my big plan for the year. Now I have a precious four hours to myself (that are not after 8pm at night when I’m so tired my eyes feeling like they’ve melted and are sliding down my face) every week, I am going to use them to do writerly things such as…erm…writing…and blogging and pushing my writing career forward.

I also need to get some better pictures to illustrate this blog. Haven’t been anywhere interesting this week except for work, so haven’t had the chance to take any nice pics. So here’s a couple of the garden, which shows how: a) the snow has now gone, thank goodness (it was getting a bit mental with snow and ice here before Christmas, although I believe my country folk up north are experiencing some horrible conditions…hope it clears up soon guys) and b) how wintery everything looks.

Our tree

The skeleton of our tree contrasted with the green of the hedge and the broody grey of the sky

Deceased sweetpeas which I havent yet gotten round to ditching















Oh, by the way, I was right about that cardigan I was knitting. I discovered I didn’t have enough wool right enough, so I ripped it all out and began to knit a v-neck jumper for the boy. It was then, after searching for my knitting needle sizer, that I discovered another two balls of the said wool. Now I’m wondering if I would have had enough wool all along. When I think of it – esp after all the work I put into my cardie only to rip it out again – my head goes into meltdown. Arggghhh!

I have started a jumper for the boy

Still haven’t finished the curtains, but here’s what the material looks like…

The curtain's lovelier in real life, photo does not do it justice!

I’ll get round to finishing them at some point.

Dawn xx

PS have started reading Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict by Laurie Viera Rigler. My mum picked it up at a local shop and thought she’d buy it for me as I am a Jane Austen addict myself. I wasn’t sure about it because I don’t normally read modern romantic stories, but it’s actually quite good. It follows the story of Courtney Stone who wakes up one day to find herself slap bang in Georgian England. What’s worse, she’s not even in her own body, but that of a girl called Jane Mansfield.  I just love Jane Austen books – fave is Pride & Prejudice. Puts me in the mood to dig out the book again!

2 thoughts on “This is weird…I have some time to myself

  1. Sounds good to have time to yourself,Dawn, at the moment my girl has three of her schoiolfriends around and they are running ragged but loving it. Heard my mum was talking to you in Helensburgh the other day. Hope to catch up soon xx

    • Hey missus, sorry it’s taken me so long to reply, been super busy. Yes, did run into your mum in Helensburgh…was shopping for clothes for the kids. We has a short converstion, short because my two were running riot in the shop and I had to stop them. Sigh. Oh well, hope to catch up with you soon.
      Dawn x

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