Thunderstorm, lightening and flash floods

flooding 1

Front of house: no we don’t have a river running at the front of our house, that’s where the pavement and road are.

flooding 2

Back of house: that’s a big puddle down the bottom of the garden that nearly covered our wheelbarrow. It’s gathered at the trees at the bottom of our garden. You can just make out the green of the weeds in the wheelbarrow. Thankfully it just gathered there and then flowed out and into the burn behind the fence. The burn has not burst its banks.

Ooh it’s been a bit exciting round here this afternoon: thunder and lightening and flash floods. And a bit scarey biscuits. The pics above are the back and front of my house taken with a mobile phone. Not great quality, but shows you how high the water was around our house (well, those are pics of the water subsiding, the water was actually higher than that). It was so bad I was starting to get concerned about our house getting flooded. Thankfully, the rain stopped and the water eventually subsided.


Dawn xx

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