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It’s a sleepy blogger you find today. This week was a bit dramatic again and it really takes it out of you. We had an ambulance at the door on Wednesday night to rush hubby to hospital. His blood count was dangerously low and he needed an emergency blood transfusion. Poor soul had to spend the night and all of yesterday at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley. We picked him up at 7 o’clock last night. He’s a lot better. Thank goodness. Thank God for the NHS, that’s all I can say.

Anyway, apart from that, the week was pretty samey. To a lot of people, that would be deadly boring. To me, it’s great because I’ve had enough of drama over the last year. I just want a normal week.

Right enough of me moaning. On to better things.


In case you’re wondering, the theme of this week’s blog is ‘Cute’. Couldn’t help myself. Animals always cheer me up…particularly our animals at home (two Guineas and a pup) who are just so funny. If you had been by my house earlier, you would have seen me trying to entice the dog out of our neighbour’s garden – she had got out and decided it would be a good wheeze to run around his garden. We got her pretty quickly before she could leave a ‘present’. Phew.


Couldn’t resist the pick above. Reminds me of Big Ron, the bulldog pup featured in The Secret Life of Puppies currently showing on Channel 5. Yes, me and the girl have gotten into it. It’s our cute-fest! Our soppy indulgence for the week. We love it and spend the entire programme going ‘aw’. Our own pup is currently sprawled out on the sofa, exhausted by her spree in the neighbour’s garden (and subsequent attempts to capture her).


So what else has been happening this week? Let’s see, there was a Bank Holiday on Monday and the girl went swimming with a friend.  The boy spent a fair bit of time on his tablet until I remembered and chucked him outside to play with his friends. My ‘cat deterrent’ plants have arrived so I’ll be outside planting them today…bought a couple of nice pots from B&M yesterday so that should look nice.

Spent a bit of time reading Fionn MacColla’s The Ministers. It’s beautifully written, but I eventually had to skip over a few pages because I was getting bored with the deep conversation two of his characters (Rev MacRury and Macpherson Bain) were having. A bit preachy and dragged on too much. I’ve probably missed plot points, but I don’t care. It was that or put the book down for good! Anyway, we’re back on to some semblence of a story, which is great.

Here’s a pic of Fionn (real name Thomas Douglas Macdonald)…

fionn maccolla


He was born in Montrose in 1906, trained to be a teacher and only brought out two books (The Albannach and And the Cock Crew) during his lifetime. The Ministers is one of three manuscripts that were unpublished at the time of his death in 1975. He was part of the Scottish Renaissance…something I’m completely into at the moment. I have a Neil Gunn to read after this and then I’ll probably move on to Lewis Grassic Gibbon although I have a new Jane Duncan to read! Decisions, decisions.

Am still reading Literature of the 1920s and have also taken up Augustus Jenkin’s Deep Rooted Wisdom (it’s a gardening book – if, in my 20s, you would have told me I would be reading a gardening book I would have scoffed, but I’m in my 40s now and loving it! Who knew?).


Right, am away out to pot some plants! Til next time here’s a final roundup of cuteness courtesy of YouTube

Dawn xxxx

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