Turbo Boost Your Writing for Children


So, I did a thing. I’ve taken all my experience in writing for kids (including my time teaching at Glasgow University) and put it into this new e-book.

Writing Magic – Creating Enchanting Books for Children and Teens will help you improve your writing, spark creativity and inspire you to write fantastic prose for kids.

I’ll show you how to write that story down and what you need to include within your book, as well as sharing how I went from being a writing wannabe to an award-winning published author. I cover a wide range of writing subjects from plot to characters.

And there’s even a section at the back talking about how to get published and what to expect after your book has hit the shelves.

If you don’t act now you’ll never fulfil your writing dreams. So, what are you waiting for? Turbo boost your writing now and buy Writing Magic – Creating Enchanting Books for Children and Teens.

BUY: https://dawnauthor.gumroad.com/l/writingmagic




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