Vegfest, birthdays and an engagement


In the lashing rain and howling wind, an intrepid band of travellers went the 20+ miles into Glasgow to attend this year’s Vegfest Scotland at the SECC. Only one of us was a veggie (my friend that I went with), but I wanted to go to see what the event had to offer. I dragged the kids along to it. They moaned the entire time until I bought them a lucky stone each and some crisps.

I don’t know what I expected from it, but I quite liked Vegfest. I am not a vegetarian nor a vegan. I like meat and dairy products too much. I am into saving the environment and treating animals, especially farmed animals, well. I don’t think we should test makeup or shampoo on rabbits or any other living creature. I  greatly enjoy eating vegetarian and vegan food. So there was a lot there for me.

The event was in Hall 3 and was basically a whole load of stalls and a number of people doing talks. There were folk selling food, cleaning products, jewellery, clothes, smoothies, makeup and organisations promoting themselves. It was all very inspiring and ethical. The place was mobbed and it was a good atmosphere. We had lunch there and it was really nice…except the boy and the girl refused to eat anything with vegetables in it (ie anything on offer to eat for lunch) and moaned about being there.


I know I’d never make a good vegetarian or vegan because:

  1. I attended Vegfest toting a leather bag and boots…to a vegan festival – I totally forgot about it and thought somebody might say something about it, but nobody seemed to notice…phew.
  2. I saw a display with a picture of skinned rabbits  on an anti-hunting stall or something and the first thing that popped into my head (I am ashamed to say) was ‘oh I love rabbit’ (to eat).

I did buy a vegetarian street food cookbook and some lovely Indian chai tea. I did come away intending to eat more veggie meals. Maybe there’s some hope for me yet!

Anyway, the weather was so terrible yesterday that it took us two hours to get home. At my suggestion, we all went by train…I thought it would be easier and we wouldn’t have to worry about parking. However, en route back there were a number of train cancellations and I feared we would have trouble getting home. However, our train finally did arrive and we did get home…in the lashing rain, but who cares? We got home.

Last night, me and the kids attended the 16th birthday party of a young lady who is practically family to us. We had a fab time and we were so happy to be there. Happy birthday E!! Hope you had a great time!! Call out to her mum, A, my very good friend, who put on the fantastic buffet!! Thanks for having us!

Right, I am going to go. Til next time!

Dawn xxx

PS Congrats to I and M who got engaged yesterday!

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