We went down to the beach today

Fog on the Clyde - somewhere over there is Port Glasgow

The Clyde, the beach and the fog - all that stuff in the water is organic, not rubbish

A lonely, almost religious looking sign

Beach treasure

I’m on a bit of a fitness drive – I’ve been forced there due to a softly rounded figure that, if I don’t do something, will continue to expand! So I’ve decided to walk more and enjoy the lovely surroundings of our home here on the banks of the River Clyde! Also I was watching the news last week and they were saying that Scottish children are suffering from vitamin D deficiency due to the fact they were staying inside too much playing computer games or watching telly (added to the fact we don’t get a lot of sun here). My kids would be glued to the telly if I let them!

So with all these factors at the back of my paranoid parent mind, I got the family outside for a bracing walk.  We live near the river, so we hit the beach. Unfortunately, we’re on the side of the river that gets most of the detritus washed ashore. The beach itself wasn’t too bad, but further long the shore was strewn with rubbish including one (in quite good condition considering) flipflop, empty plastic bottles and the ubiquitous rotting seaweed.

Anyway, I digress. Me, hubby and the kids had a ball. Due to the fog that’s been in this area over the last few days, the entire southside of the river was obscured from view and there was a strange kind of ethereal light on the ‘horizon’ that was something straight out of a fantasy film. I’ve tried to capture it in the first picture, but my photo does not do it any justice. It was beautiful. We had a great time throwing stones into the water (hubby skimming them cos he can), running about and generally having a laugh. We went to the park and then popped into a local shop for some sweets. The boy is now exhausted and slumbering peacefully in his bed (it’s 4.30pm as I write)…he’s all pooped out!

I returned to finish the book I’ve been reading, Auntie Mame by Patrick Dennis. It’s a scream. I can’t remember where I first heard of this novel, probably another blog, but I saw it all over the place and asked for it for Christmas. Hubby duly obliged. It’s a great book, really funny and I love the Auntie Mame character and her long suffering nephew Patrick. If you’re looking for something that’s witty and amusing, I’d  recommend Auntie Mame. It’s excellent.

Last night, I watched the second Sex in the City film. As a major fan of the tv series (I was gutted when it went off air…I know, sad) I enjoyed it, but felt it was awfully cliched…I mean the karaoke ‘I am woman’ was so cheesy (although I love Helen Reddy), the women in the book club with designer clothes, Samantha’s barrage in the Souk. It was a bit much. Although I must say Stanford’s wedding with the gay male choir was funny…nice touch.

Just  had to add in a bit of Love & Money before I go. This is a beautiful song called Lips Like Ether. I’ve put this link in cos not only is the song amazing, but so is the artwork that one of the band’s fans has so lovingly put together.

Dawn x

PS the boy’s jumper is coming along nicely, nearly finished the front and have completed the back. Two arms and sewing up to do. Will let you see it once it’s finished.

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