Weegie Wednesday, piano practise and attending a small person’s first art exhibition!

mosaic 1 (375x500)

Hello, how are you? What’s been happening at your house? Been really busy this week, but not doing a lot of writer-y things…with the exception of attending Weegie Wednesday at the CCA in Glasgow last Wednesday. It’s a meeting of writers, would-be writers, publishers, illustrators and others. I went with my friend Mandy (who is an illustrator) and it was a great networking opportunity. We met some really nice people there and we’re planning to go again. Lisa O’Donnell, author of The Death of Bees, gave a talk and it was great to hear about her scriptwriting and how she came to write novels. She was really nice and it was inspiring to hear her talk.

Lisa O’Donnell (pictured below).

Lisa O'Donnell

On Thursday, I joined Diane for a piano lesson. I am loving learning the piano. I will never be a concert pianist, but it’s such good fun and Diane is really nice.

On Saturday, hubby, me, the boy and my mum went up to Glasgow School of Art to see our nine-year-old daughter’s art exhibition. She’s been attending Saturday art classes and all the students had their own exhibition at the end of the set of lessons. It was lovely to see her and her classmate’s creations. Thanks to her teacher Mandy (a different Mandy from my friend) for all the work she put in teaching the kids. After the exhibition, we all went out to a local hostelry for a bite of lunch before heading home. It was a lovely day.

Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours reading The Fellowship of the Ring. I don’t normally spend so much time reading, but I’m close to the end of the book and it was getting exciting. Just couldn’t put it down. Next book on the list – High Road to China by Jon Cleary. I read it years ago and loved it. I bought the film starring Tom Selleck. It wasn’t very good, I’m afraid, but it hasn’t put me off reading the book again!

Today the kids are off because of an inservice day, so we’re planning to eat tomato soup (well they are because I don’t like tomato soup) and some of the sponge cakes I made last night…yum!!

Anyway, I need to go because it’s drawing near lunchtime and I hear little bellies rumbling!! Til next time!

Dawn xxxx

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