What a difference a day maaaaaakes!

Twenty-four little hours. What a difference a day maaaaaakes. And the difference is you!

gold rings

Sorry. Am feeling a little frivolous just now. Two close friends – who I don’t see that often, but I still love them to bits –  have announced that after many years together they are going to get married. Am so pleased for them. Congrats G and R!!

Also, it’s sunny outside. That always puts me in a good mood. Maybe this weekend I can get on with gardening. I started last weekend putting in the spuds, but was waylaid on Sunday by torrential rain that continued until yesterday. Jeezo, everything’s been really soggy this week.

Anyway, so how are you all? Hope you are all well. I’m good. Went back to work last week after having a week off for Easter. Hubby was off looking after the kids while I was at work. I thought to myself – this is great, it’s Easter, the traffic is bound to be a lot less and I’ll juke in and out of the city in jig time. How wrong was I? Despite it being the second week of the Easter hols, the traffic was horrendous. I hate it. Anyway, work was quieter and I got a lot done.

At the tail-end of last week, hubby rode off into the sunrise (it was early morning when he left) to go on a weekend away to Bangor with his scooter club. The girl went to stay with my sister. She and her cousin are best buds and were having a sleepover, which is lovely. So it was just me and the boy. We cuddled up on the sofa, we watched telly in bed, he slept on his dad’s side of the bed and it was a really quiet time…until the morning when he wanted to wrestle. Normally it’s the job of hubby to play wrestle with him. But, with no hubby there, and with a cry of “Right, you’re getting it!” the boy launched himself at me. I was not amused. He’s really strong and it was with difficulty that I got him to understand that I didn’t want to wrestle. He said he’d wait til his dad returned and get him instead.

I picked the girl up later that Saturday and all hell broke loose in the car. They’d only been in the car about a minute when the fighting started. So I did what every parent does, I screeched at them to behave and they settled down…for about five minutes. The sad thing is is that they both really miss each other when one of them is not there. Siblings!!

On Sunday, we all had a lie in…in my bed again cos the girl was also in it this time. They both wanted to sleep there on the Sunday night too, but their dad was due back and I had to ban them. I didn’t want the poor soul coming all the way over from Ireland to not have his bed to go to.

As it happens, hubby was really late coming home. The club had originally booked the catamaran that runs to Troon, but because of the high winds and foul weather P&O quite rightly had to cancel the sailing. So hubby and the rest drove to Larne for the ferry boat to Cairnryan – which is near Stranraer and even further from home. The poor man didn’t arrive til after 11pm after a harrowing journey across the sea and then coming by Vespa from Stranraer to our home near Helensburgh. He said the wind was so bad he was nearly blown off the Erskine Bridge. I could believe it, the wind had been howling all day. I waited up for him…I was worried. He got home safely though and that’s the main thing.

So what else has been happening here? Not much. I’ve been doing a bit of knitting and have bought some material to make the girl a dress and the boy a shirt and trousers. I keep going to start them then remember I haven’t measured the two of them yet. They are both tall and skinny, so I really need to measure to make sure I get the right size. Am also knitting the boy a cardie and the girl a poncho. They look nice so far.

great british sewing bee

Talking of sewing. Have you been watching The Great British Sewing Bee? It’s great. I am loving it. It’s my Tuesday night staple. Was sorry to see Stuart go out last week as he’s a bit of a character, but his last piece was a bit dodgy. My money’s on Ann to win because, although her creations are very safe, they are also extremely well done. I can only dream of being that good a sewing. We shall see.

Tyrion Lannister

Talking of telly. Game of Thrones – oh my goodness! Didn’t see that coming! Poor old Jaime Lannister. How’s he going to wield a sword with one hand? Do you think he and Brianna will become friends or more than friends? The scene with Tyrion (pictured above, my fave character), his father, sister and the Council was a classic! And what did Pod do to make those ladies so pleased? I was beginning to think that the series was going to be boring, but that last episode was excellent. Role on Monday!!

Jaime Lannister

Anyway, I shall leave you there with this brooding image of a handsome, if dirty, Jaime Lannister who actually made me feel sorry for him the other day. Til next time.

Dawn xxxx

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