What creature caused a lot of excitement with my kids?

So we were up at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley on Friday night. Hubby hadn’t been feeling well and was getting checked (he’s fine) and we didn’t leave until about 9pm. Myself and the boy went down to the car park to bring the car up to the front door. The hospital is built on a steep slope and the car park starts about half way down the slope and runs right to the bottom. Anyway, we were walking by a group of four people who were going up the hill and there seemed to be a bit of a fuss going on. It was dark by this time – although there were street lights – and I didn’t realise what was going on until the boy started shouting: “It’s a fox! It’s a fox!” Sure enough, about a couple of metres away, skulking around and obviously looking for food, was a large fat fox. Although wary of the people, it didn’t seem scared of either them or us. It caused a lot of excitement for the boy because this was only the second time he’d seen a wild fox in the flesh (the other being at Gartnavel Hospital site a few weeks before). You see we don’t seem to have foxes where we stay or if we do they stay hidden. We see other wildlife here, but not foxes.

Anyway, unfortunately I didn’t have a camera to take a pic of ole Mr Fox, so here’s one I found…

fox 1

Til next time!

Dawn xxx

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