What is it with me and washing powder?

Here’s the eternal question…why can’t I ever put the right amount of washing powder in the washing machine? Why is it that on a freakly regular basis I put too much of the stuff in the machine with the result that the machine oozes soapy suds all over my kitchen floor? Yes, it happened again today. Maybe I should read the instructions!

Today was just another wet and horrible day chez moi. Didn’t do much as was waiting in for the John Lewis van to deliver some special early orders to me. I took my daughter to school, came back, entertained a couple of friends (one of whom moves down to Cambridge this weekend – good luck M, J and S!!), fed and watered the boy, picked the girl up again, watched a Scoobie Doo movie and two half hour long programmes, made dinner…oh yes…and wondered when my order, which I had paid to be delivered today (between 7.30am and 6pm), would arrive! 6pm came and went and still no order, so I phoned them and discovered that my order hadn’t arrived at the delivery company on time, so is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. Needless-to-say, I insisted on getting my special, specific day delivery money back! Sigh.

Dawn x

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