Where the fat balls go


Hello there! How’s things? Hope you are all well. Jings it’s been a right blustery week this week. High winds and rain abound. Thankfully we’re not getting it as bad as the Americans did last week…their blizzards looked a bit mental!! Am just back in from picking up the kids and, despite having on my warmest coat, I was frozen to the core waiting for them at the gates. Brrrrrrrr. Have cranked the heating up full bung just to get the warmth into my bones.

I solved a mystery this week. I had been wondering why the fat balls I throw out to the birds – I usually throw out three at a time –  had been gobbled up so quickly…especially as I haven’t seen any small birds in the garden lately (I think the wind is too strong for the poor wee mites). Anyway the mystery was solved this morning when one of the squirrels – possibly the one we call Popeye due to its missing eye – was seen scarpering up the garden with a fat ball in its gob. Then it tried to bury it, found it too large and took it off into the trees, no doubt back to its drey. I did not think squirrels would like fat balls. They weren’t bought for them but for the birds. I think I’ll need to strap the balls to the trees so they are not nicked!! If squirrels weren’t so cute they would not be getting away with this. They are the furry mafia of the garden!


There’s not much to report this week. The weather has been that bad that we haven’t really been going out except – in my case – to go to work and – in the kids’ case – to go to school. Poor hubby has been finding it too cold, he’s still not back to full fitness and won’t be for some time.

Ah the joys of Netflix! As I write, the boy is watching Dr Who again. Not that I mind. It’s the David Tennant series – I love David Tennant, defo the best Doctor!!


I decided to end my dry January early so had some wine last night. I thought I would have enjoyed it more than I did. It was very disappointing. It wasn’t as if I’d bought a cheap bottle either. Sigh. So I’m doing a dry February too. I’ve decided I don’t enjoy it that much – or as much as I used to – so what’s the point of doing it. When I was into my dry January, I felt so much better – I had more energy and ate fewer rubbishy things. Last night, I had some wine and then I ate an entire packet of chocolate counters. How to damage my diet in one fail swoop! Sigh. Back on the ole diet again today. Have lost a total of seven pounds so far – half a stone – so am not going to continue to jeopardize my efforts again by drinking alcohol. Or coca cola…was nearly back on that again last night too. Damn you wine!!

Anyway, on that final note, I am away. Am thinking I might just have a wee peek at Pinterest…I love Pinterest. So full of lovely things.

Til next time!

Dawn xxx

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