Why do some women wear inappropriately short dresses?

Went on a Christmas night out last night with friends from the village. We went to a local hotel and had a pretty nice meal and a bit of a boogie. I had a fab night. It was a good laugh and am now feeling pretty tired (nothing to do with the wine!!), but here’s the question: why do some women wear inappropriately short dresses?

Is it just me or are the fashions for young women a little too short these days? Why does a minidress have to be a bum skimmer? And why do larger ladies feel it’s okay to wear such tiny costumes?? When I was younger (hark me sounding like an old lady!), I wouldn’t have been seen dead the short short skirts and dresses some of the younger ones wear today. Not that I was looking, but I definitely saw flashes of pants…not something you particularly want to see when you’re boogying on the dancefloor. I just don’t think it’s very classy to wear something that looks more like a top…with no tights on…teetering on the highest heels I’ve ever seen…particularly on people who are over a size 12!! Sorry girls, but if you’re even a little bit tubby, a short dress looks terrible and can make you look like one of two female characters (I won’t say their names, but you know the ones I mean) out of Viz.

What’s worse is that these same ladies in their bum skimmer dresses insist on dancing with their feet hipwidth apart and gyrating like they are Lady Ga Ga…knicker flashes all round. Eugh!

Maybe I’m getting old, but why can’t fashion be classy??

Dawn xxx

PS don’t get me started on older ladies wearing minidresses! Last year, at the same venue, there were several older (I’d say in their 50s) women with Bett Lynch jewellery, no tights, high heels and peroxide hair sporting bum skimmer dresses. Ew, ew, ew!

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