Why does it always rain when I want to garden?


What is it with Mother Nature? Does she know that the only time I am inclined to garden are the same times she decides it’s going to rain…hard? I’m having a bit of a long weekend due to the fact the kids are off school. I don’t actually get these bank holidays at my work, so have taken them off as annual leave. However, our local school does get them. Anyway, I’m off and had different plans for the days:

– Friday was socialising day with my friend Tracy coming round for tea and buns, and my friend Mac coming round for a double dunter of Game of Thrones (she doesn’t have Sky so she comes to mine to watch it…it’s “torture” for me having to watch it all over again…NOT!)

– Saturday was visiting my parents day and eating the ginormous lunchtime feast my mother always puts on…I love it. I feel totally pampered and her cooking is ace. She makes her own quiche, pizza and bread which are just amazing. I didn’t even cook last night, my darling husband went out for a sausage supper for us. I know…bad for the waistline, but so good on the lips!!

– Sunday was to be sowing seeds day, but it’s a bit soggy outside. I did go out anyway, but the rain has driven me back inside. I did manage to finish weeding the drive and some of the plant pots. I sowed the potatoes, salad, carrots and spinach and sorted out the little plastic tunnel I have for my plot. I didn’t manage to get my other greenhouse (which is plastic) out from its winter lodgings in the garage, but maybe I’ll manage it tomorrow. Apart from the rain, there’s also been a bit of thunder!! Anyway, today hasn’t been a total loss. I woke up really early and went downstairs where I baked two loaves, made pancakes, emptied and filled the dishwasher, put the dryer on, put the washing on and generally tidied up. I managed a good hour of reading quietly on the sofa before everyone else got up…hubby first and the kids second (they were driven downstairs by the tantalising and all too appealing smell of the pancakes I was making!!)

Currently reading: Dodie Smith’s The New Moon with the Old. Am thoroughly enjoying it. The only thing that’s spoiling it is the amount of typos in the book….come on Constable Robinson, you can do better than that in future! Have someone read it over before you print!! One to three typos are acceptable, but I must be on about eight by now. Anyway, excellent book and I’d recommend it.

Right on to why boys can be disgusting. My boy had his friend over for tea on Thursday night straight after school. Thursday was school sports day and, although it threatened to chuck it down all day, it didn’t rain. We mums (and a couple of dads) sat together, dished out way too much picnic food, drank tea and chatted whilst cheering our offspring on. After it finished, the boy and his pal joined me and my girl in the car and we went home. Anyway, to cut a long story short, the dynamic duo went out into our estate and came back all elated holding something in their grubby little mitts.

My boy said: “Look mum! Look what we found!”

He held out his hand. His friend held out his hand. Between them they had part of the shell of a teeny tiny crab. My boy had a claw. His friend had part of the body and a claw. Ew! At least it wasn’t the squashed dead mouse my nephew brought back to his mum when he was four!!

Talking of nephews, my littlest nephew (aged two) was out playing in his garden and presented his mum with a pocketful of live snails!!

So, there you are: proof that boys can be disgusting!


Not great picture quality!

Not the actual crab, but something like it!

Anyway, on that note, I must fly. Am in desperate need of a cup of tea and maybe one of the Anzac biscuits I made on Friday. Mmmmmm.

Til next time!


Dawn xx


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