Why writing is good for you and Bette Davis is wonderful!




Writing is very good for your mental health apparently. I’ve been researching some information on writing for health for an article I’m doing for a work publication and came across some excellent facts. If you write about your problems for 15 minutes a day for three to four days, it can help. I suppose you could refer to it as your problem journal. But anyway, a professor in America (sorry, I don’t have details about him here) did some studies on it and it found that folk who write about a difficult situation they are dealing with were healthier than those who did not. That’s a simplistic way of putting his findings (I must get his name), but it was interesting to read. Researchers on this and other studies found that folk were not only mentally healthier, but physically healthier too plus experienced better sleep patterns, felt better and had a more positive outlook. You don’t have to write tonnes and you definitely don’t have to show anyone your writing. You can even destroy it as soon as you’ve done it.  So there you go. If you’re feeling crap about something, get it down in writing and hopefully you’ll be able to work through it.

Here are my other top tips for feeling better if you’re a little down:

1) get outside and go for a walk, even in crappy weather – ‘blowing the cobwebs away’ also blows negative thinking away

2) take up knitting…it’s wonderfully calming and great to do whilst you are watching an old movie on tv

3) bake some cakes and eat them with family and friends with a huge teapot of tea

4) read – that can be fiction or non fiction, I’ve found myself fascinated with books on writing recently (in saying that I find books fascinating generally)

Bette Davis 1

Talking of old movies, been listening to Bette Davis In Her Own Words in the car going to work this week. I love Bette Davis. She was a fantastic actress and one of my all time favourites. I just love her films – All About Eve, Now Voyager and Jezebel are just stunning.

Bette Davis 2

The CD is a collection of interviews she did with the BBC ranging from the late 50s to the 70s. She comes across as warm, witty and full of fun. I also think she as a lady you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of. Anyway, I love Bette Davis! Who could forget her in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Eugh Creepy!!

Bette Davis 3

Anyway, moving on. Got a box of books delivered to me on Monday…yes it was my copies of my new book DarkIsle: The Final Battle. Woohoo! So exciting!! It’s available now on Amazon and most good book shops.

Right am off to do some more writing. Til next time.

Dawn x

PS Bette Davis was also a knitter…see, told you it was a good thing to take up!!

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