You know how you think that job will only take half an hour?

Well it actually took an hour-and-a-half! I decided today to tackle the girl’s bookcase which was in a disgraceful state. I made myself a cup of tea, left it down and expected to go back to it within about 10-20mins. Uh-uh. I was fooling myself. Around 90 mins later I’d finished clearing and re-ordering the bookcase and remembered the tea. I’d been sitting on the floor so was stiff and sore when I rose. I scuttled into my bedroom where I’d left the tea, picked up the mug, put it to my lips and…yes it was stony cold. I don’t know why I thought it would still be hot but I did! Duh!

Talking of stones…the girl came back from her sleepover with coat pockets bulging with stones. What is it with kids and stones? She always goes for big ones and these were the smooth grey oval ones you get all over this area. She had been down at the shore at Cove when she picked them up. Anyway the coat was in desperate need of  a wash so I told her to empty the pockets and put the coat in the dirty washing pile. It was all going so well until I heard a clunking coming from our washing machine…our NEW machine. Yes you guessed it…she’d left one stone in a pocket! Sigh.

Finally a word about the boy who has been so good despite being covered in hives. We think he’s taken an allergic reaction to something (tomato soup is suspected) but our GP saidcit may also be viral. Anyway I’ve been covering the wee man in Calomine lotion. Wee soul!

Anyway, time to go. til next time.

Dawn xx

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