You should never work with…

…or go to the cinema with your three-year-old offspring. We went with granny to see Arthur and the Great Adventure (I think that’s the correct title). The wee one had never been to the pictures before, so I thought I would try it…big mistake. He sat for ten minutes then it was up, down, play with the seat, eat lots of sweeties, squeeze past to stand in the aisle, walk down the stairs, walk up the stairs, stand behind us, stand in front of us and ‘I need a pee pee’ three times in half an hour (a new record?). We left about an hour in, which means after watching the ads, we probably had only see about half an hour of the film. He also stage whispered ‘I want to go home.’ about 100 times (it felt like that).

We didn’t go home immediately, but had lunch at Dino’s in Sauchiehall Street (I should explain – we went to Cineworld in Renfrew Street, Glasgow to see the film as my sister’s inlaws gave my parents tokens for there to take all the grandkids out to the cinema. Lovely idea and thanks to them for that. The daughter didn’t get to go due to an episode of extremely bad behaviour…we’re being tough on her, no treats!). Anyway, he wouldn’t eat his lunch – a lovely cheese and tomato pizza, which he normally loves.

We did a spot of shopping (Lakeland…I LOVE Lakeland being a bit of a baker/cook) and then I could bear it no more (the ‘I want to go home’ nagging) and took him home. Sigh. It was a shame cos I was really looking forward to it. I think we’ll wait til he’s older to try the pictures again.

Wanted to share this with you.This is my friend Mandy’s website. She’s a fab illustrator and I love her work.

Dawn xx


2 thoughts on “You should never work with…

  1. That just cant have been the boy who used to call me James…cannot and will not believe my wee sweetie could behave like that. Take care and will catch up with you soon..hope he is enjoying nursery xx

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