Zumba, Tom and Paddington

Hello. How’s things? Hope you’ve had a good week. Just a quick blog today as I have been mainly clearing boxes and putting things away (the extension is nearly finished! Hurrah!).

Decided we all needed a little cheering up after the snowy weather last week so have put in some nice spring photos to illustrate this piece.

So apart from putting things away, I’ve been busy doing a lot of running around: taking the dogs for a walk, doing the school runs, food shopping etc. Just the usual stuff.

However, I did start a Zumba class this week and it was fantastic. It took place in a local church hall, lasted 45 minutes and nearly killed me, but I felt fantastic afterwards. There were no breaks, it was full on from the word go, but we were encouraged to stop and have a break and a drink when we needed it. I came away feeling like I’d had a good workout, sweaty and smiling. I love dancing and Latino music so it was right up my street. Going next week.

We watched a couple of films this week: Thor Ragnarok and Paddington 2. Loved them both for different reasons…Thor because it was funny and full of action and Tom Hiddleston was there being all mischievous as Loki. I loved Paddington too because, well it’s Paddington Bear and it was a lovely film and a great one for the family. The boy loved it.

Have you been watching the documentaries about the real Vikings? I think it’s on History and it’s really interesting. They have historians, archeologists and experts on talking about the culture and history of the Vikings along with some of the cast of the series The Vikings. It is fascinating stuff and I would recommend it.

Right, am going to finish up here. Got more box emptying to do. Til next time.

Dawn xx

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