We were like two drowned rats

Drowned Rat look from redbubble.com

My friend and I went for a walk along the country roads around our village and this ^ (image from redbubble.com) is kind of what we ended up looking like. We should have known: it had been raining heavily earlier, but it was just a little drizzly when we dropped the kids off at school and set out. It takes about an hour-and-a-quarter to walk the route and about half an hour into it the rain came down in buckets. We walked on. It wasn’t cold, just wet, so it wasn’t that unpleasant to keep walking. We eventually made it back to the village…dripping wet. I went home and had a hot shower, a cup of tea and a little bit of pumpkin bread. Life was even better after that. I’m glad we did it cos I need the exercise and we blethered all the way round and it was nice.

This afternoon, I went to another friend’s house and we had tea and cake (oops! but it was nice!) and did a bit of crafting and chatted. It was a lovely afternoon and I’m looking forward to hosting the next crafting afternoon (crafternoon??) next month. I took a pair of socks I’ve been knitting for ages…this is the first time in more than a year that I’ve picked them up. I’ve knitted one-and-a-half. Maybe I’ll get round to finally finishing them.

Had a bit of a bread maker disaster this evening. I was doing the dishes when I smelled burning. I turned around and there was smoke coming out the bread maker. Turns out I had put too much yeast in it, it mooshed over the top of the tin on to the heated wire thingies (don’t know the technical term) and it started to burn. I turned it off immediately and cleaned it out. Tomorrow I’ll make another one. Ref bread…still haven’t got back to my sour dough making, been too busy lately. I need to start it again cos I love sour dough. Yum.

Right, am going to leave it here as I have demands from my daughter for tucking in duty. Until next time.
Dawn xxx