Back to the Keyboard: A Fresh Start on My Beloved Blog

So, I know I’ve not been great at writing this blog. I’ve been so busy doing everything else that I need to that this poor blog has been neglected. Sorry troops! I’ll try and be better, I promise.

Anyway, moving on. The last month has been really busy. I brought out a new novella, Dance of Death, which is part of the amazing Phoenix Force series.


Cat Beaufoy is not your run-of-the-mill cat burglar. In fact, she’s more of a modern-day Robin Hood. She steals from the bad and returns stolen artworks to their rightful owners.

She’s thinking of giving it all up after a few close shaves with the law when she’s called into action by the Phoenix Force.

Someone in the Chinese Embassy is behind the theft of plans for a new US superweapon AND they’ve kidnapped the inventor, his wife and young son.

Cat is the only one with the skills to break into the high security building, retrieve the plans and find out where the scientist and his family are. At first, she’s not keen, but when she hears there’s a six-year-old boy in the mix, she signs up right away.

But things don’t go quite to plan and she soon finds herself mixed up with a rogue CIA agent and a vicious Chinese General.

I’ve also brought out two short stories that you can buy as e-books on Amazon.

The Great Escape: When Sarah is asked to take her sick grandma’s Chihuahua, Pickles, to the park little does she know that her four-legged nemesis will lead her to love. His naughty antics lead her to meeting the handsome Dan and his female Dalmatian, Delilah.

Strangers in the Night: When Amy wakes up in a stranger’s bed, her embarrassment knows no bounds. So, when she escapes home, she thinks that that’s it. She’ll never have to think about him again…
…Until she meets her new boss on Monday morning!
Then James, the stranger, gives her a work assignment that is way below her pay grade, so she plots her revenge.

I’ve been busy and it’s made me really tired. So, this week, I’m trying to take it a bit easier. What’s actually happened is that I’ve been catching up on jobs that need done around the house and garden. Well, the smaller jobs plus cutting our enormous hedge. I’ve still to do more in the back garden and the housework – jobs for tomorrow. I have made my way through a whole load of info I’d printed off, gotten rid of stuff I didn’t need and putting other stuff into folders. Nearly finished that.

I also finished watching two superb tv series that you guys really need to get into. The first is the amazing Schitt’s Creek.

I tried watching it a couple of years ago and just couldn’t get into it. I tried again about a month ago and wow! What a series. It’s hilarious. I love the characters, I love the stories, I love the humour. That last episode was superb, Moira really made my day! If you watch it, you’ll know what I mean. Let’s just say it has something to do with one of her ‘girls’ and her chosen outfit for the wedding.

The second superb series that you MUST get into (especially if you’re a fan of historical drama) is the BBC’s World on Fire.

It’s brilliant. It follows the stories of several characters of different nationalities, including Germans and Polish people, through the start of the war. The second series also introduces us to Indian troops, which I thought was great. You never hear of any other nationalities fighting for the Allies except the British, American, Australians and French. It’s great that other nationalities are finally being represented in these dramas. Anyway, the second series has just finished leaving me bereft.  Can’t wait until the next series.

I’ve not finished re-reading all the Harry Potter books and LOVED them all over again. So, I’ve had to find other things to read. Books I’ve been reading:

I’ll let you know if they’re good in a future post.

Till next time,


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