Cold weather = warm home-made soups and curling up with a Fanny Flagg!

Egg Drop Soup

It’s definitely getting all autumnal out there. The days – well the last two or three days – have been pretty nice and warm (but cold in the shade) and the nights are cold. So, I’ve been making more soup cos I love soup (except when it burns me…ahem!). Anyway, today’s soup is called Dropped Egg Soup and is basically a chicken noodle soup with sweetcorn, cybies syboes (think that’s the correct spelling) and egg (mixed and dropped in at the end, hence the name). It was delicious and is now on my top ten soup list! Not that I really have one…well, maybe in my head.

So how are you? Hope you’re well. Yes I’m a bit early this week for a blog. It’s the September weekend, so am off work today and enjoying doing stuff for myself. Okay, so there’s the normal washing, dishes and cooking, but I actually have a bit of time for myself. So I thought I’d write up my blog.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve not done much. On Saturday, I took the girl to her singing lesson. She trilled like Jenny Lind for half an hour (she has a lovely wee voice) and then we went home for lunch (the aforementioned soup that I dropped…still picking bits of carrot out of the kitchen cupboards!). Then we popped over to Balloch where hubby’s scooter club were doing their annual meet – he couldn’t take his scooter, but we went over to say hello to everyone. Was nice to see them all and catch up. Saturday night – just spent in front of the telly. I’ve been really tired lately so it was good just to sit down for a while.

Sunday – had a long lie and a bit of a jammies morning. Was too tired to go swimming as I would normally do (okay, I could have gone, but I was being a bit lazy). Pootled about the house all day catching up with washing and cooking. Made today’s soup and a veggie curry for later in the week.

Today – another long lie (which is no later than 9am for me – can’t sleep long in the morning) and went on to the Decathlon website to order some stuff for the girl. She’s going to an outward bound place next month for five days and needs all sorts of things. Decathlon’s good because they are really reasonably priced. Order’s in…just hope it all fits her. She’s that skinny and tall that it’s difficult to buy her things that fit both in the leg and round the waist.

Fannie Flagg as pictured in 1972 and looking very glam.

Fannie Flagg as pictured in 1972 and looking very glam.

Some of you might think that I’ve wasted this weekend by staying around the house, but I run around like the proverbial blue-a**** fly all the time and it’s nice just to sit. Been catching up on reading and started Fanny Flagg’s The All Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion. It’s good.  She also wrote Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Café (which is a film I absolutely love – will go on to the book at some point).


Right, am off to get a wee cuppa and a wee choccie digestive and a wee read of my book! Til next time!

Dawn (happy curled up with a book on the sofa)



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