Parcels finally arrived and a Halloween party

So the parcel’s finally arrived yesterday just after 3pm! Thank goodness. I could then finally relax…they included Santa Claus pressies for the boy and girl and I was stressing that I wouldn’t be able to get the things they wanted. I am a list writer/well organised/buy Christmas presents a couple of months in advance type of person. If you are like me, you know that if things don’t go to plan it’s stress city til they come. They’ve come, I’m relaxed and all is well with the world.

We went to a Halloween Party round at our local hall. Was a good night. There was a disco and games and the hubby volunteered for one of them. See him pictured after the kids dressed him as a mummy. Yes, he is actually under all that toilet roll.

Talking of costumes…The girl was dressed up as a vampire. I made the costume from Butterick pattern B4319…costume A and B (except I didn’t put the hood on the cloak, but made a stand up collar from extra material stuffed with toy stuffing). I also lined the cloak in red. She looked fab.I’ve taken a pic of the costume as modelled by my office chair just to give you a wee look at it. The dress is underneath and is black with a gold trim; the cloak is black with a red lining and the same gold trim. I am particularly proud of the cloak and now want one for myself so I can ‘vamp’ it up any time I want!!

The boy was dressed as Frankenstein’s monster with a costume bought from ASDA (unfortunately I didn’t have time to make him something…I have promised him something for next year).

On the DarkIsle 3 front, I’ve been planning ahead for chapter 5, so plan to write this up this afternoon (if the boy goes down for his normal afternoon sleep and I can get the peace and quiet to do it!!). Am really enjoying writing this book.

Tonight, we’ll be going round the neighbours for Trick or Treat. The kids are really excited about it. Hope it doesn’t rain!!! It’s been torrential here over the last few days. Yesterday was the first day that it’s been dry for a number of days.

Dawn x


PS I am ashamed to say it, but the girl takes better pics than me. Here’s a better pic of the angel I knitted for a friend’s daughter…

The only thing that bothers me about these pics is that they all seem a little fuzzy. There are two possible reasons for this…1) I can’t take the nice clear pics I used to with our camera OR 2) (and this is the more likely one), the boy has been poking his sticky little fingers into the lens and making it all fuzzy. I feel a trip to the camera shop is in hand to buy lens cleaning solution!!  Although this may be a good excuse to talk the hubby into buying me a brand new camera!! I mean it is my 40th birthday soon…hmmmm.

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