Reasons to be cheerful…


…1 I’ve lost five pounds in weight and I feel great. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this going…although I am finding I’m hankering after a glass of wine just now. Still got another eight days to go before I can say I definitely had a dry January and a celebrate with an ice cold glass of Chardonnay. Yum!

I’m still doing all the swimming. I have been going twice a week to the swimming club and I’m already improving. Have also noticed that my muscles are starting to firm up again.  🙂



…2  the boy joined me at the allotment this morning. I managed to get half an hour digging done before he managed to bash his head and sting his hand with nettles. We had to go home. Sigh. Still at least I managed to do a little bit.


…3 I am sitting with a full tummy having made a delicious chilli followed by beetroot brownies with custard. Yum!

Dawn xxx

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