What if Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day

what if cats and dogs had opposable thums day

Yes this is a genuine and somewhat nutty day! I don’t have a dog any more, but if my dog were still alive what would he do if he had opposable thumbs? Here’s my thoughts:

1. He would be able to open the door and let himself out for a pee – bonus!

2. He would be able to open the cupboard where the biscuits are kept, rip open the packets and gorge on biscuits.

3. He could help me with my knitting.

4. He could act as my personal secretary and type whilst I dictated my next ‘great’ novel.

5. We could play tiddlywinks together.

6. I could get him to lick his thumb and wipe the chocolate from the faces of my kids.

7. He could take up art.

8. The kids would get him to do their homework.

9. He could take my husband’s scooter out forĀ  ride.

10. I could get him to switch off all the lights before bedtime.

What would your cat or dog do if they had opposable thumbs?

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