The Broomielaw, wobbly teeth and Santa Claus

I was bored going home the other night...

I was bored going home the other night… I took some images of some of the things I see when I go home...

…so I took some images of some of the things I see when I go home…

...these were all taken around 5.30pm - 5.45 pm at night.

…these were all taken around 5.30pm – 5.45 pm at night.

I'm under the Kingston Bridge.

I’m under the Kingston Bridge.

View of the Squinty Bridge.

View of the Squinty Bridge.

You can just see the new Hydro (centre).

You can just see the new Hydro (centre).

And the Riverside Museum.

And the Riverside Museum.

So how are you all? Sorry I’ve been missing in action for a couple of weeks. I don’t know where the time has gone…too busy getting side-tracked by other things and not enough time on the old computer. Not to worry I’m here now.

Do you know I’ve been busy but I can’t really tell you what I’ve been doing! I think it’s been a case of running around after other folk – mostly my offspring – and not doing a lot of things I should be doing (namely writing my next book). Sigh. Here’s a quick rundown of the highlights, I’ve been: doing housework, taking the kids to swimming lessons, taking the girl to Brownies, taking the kids out guising (or trick or treating), doing the washing, trying to get the washing dried in horrendous weather, going with hubby and the kids to see the Scouts’ annual fireworks show (it was great – the night was dry, which was surprising considering how much rain we’ve had lately), crocheting Christmas pressies (more on that in future blogs), visiting a friend, taking the girl to her art class, food shopping, ironing, cooking, taking the boy to a party, working…need I go on? And I wonder why I’ve no energy!

I’ve also written half of my Christmas cards…how sad am I? And I’ve been sorting out what the kids want for their presents. It’s sad, but my girl asked me if Santa Claus was real. I told her he was and she said that wasn’t true. Some bright spark in her school class told her it was her parents. I told her he was real. I just think at eight she should still have at least another year believing in Santa. Childhood is so short these days that I want Christmas to be magical for her for as long as possible. I remember finding out the truth and being really upset about it. I was about nine and was told by my so-called best friend. Anyway, I hope she believes for a bit longer.

Ooh, nearly forgot, the other excitement in the house was that my boy finally lost a tooth. He was a wee pain about having a wobbly tooth. Honestly, you would have thought someone was trying to prod him with a red hot poker the way he was whinging about having a wobbly tooth. That was all forgotten when it finally came out. I was in my bedroom reading when he came running in, tiny tooth clutched between thumb and finger, shouting: “Mum look!” Of course I couldn’t see what he had at first, but then I worked it out and we were all excited together. I then told him to show it to his dad who was downstairs watching football on telly. So off he popped. He was so sweet. The next day he was all chuffed to get a pound from the toothfairy. I’ve spirited the tooth away to be kept cos I’m the kind of mother who keeps everything her kids ever do.

Anyway, on that note, I will stop now. It’s getting late-ish and I want to get ten minutes reading in before lights out. Until next time.

Dawn xx

4 thoughts on “The Broomielaw, wobbly teeth and Santa Claus

  1. Yesterday I spread a little body glitter on my daughter’s tooth and her note to the tooth fairy (Dear tooth fairy, please can I can keep my tooth?) She came in and showed me all this at 3:30am I think. At a more sane time we decided to see if a little ‘pixie dust’ on her hair would help her fly, no. But she can now definitely jump a little bit higher. Really. [Pls don’t grow up. Pls don’t grow up]

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